Relay for Life of SL 2014: Call for committee interest

RFL-logoThe Relay for Life of SL organisers are getting ready for the 2014 season in Second Life, and in doing so, have put out a call to people interested in helping with committee work.

The committee work is divided into four key areas, and assistance is being sought to help with the work carried out by all four. These are:

  • Outreach, including: mission education, bringing-in sponsors and business  partnerships, supporting international relations (providing internal aspects for key RFL of SL activities such as the Kick-off Celebration, Halfway There fair and Relay Weekend and translating written material); bringing people from within and beyond SL to the Relay
  • PR and Media Relations, including writing and / or distributing press releases, photography, video and audio recording, scheduling interviews with media partners, updating the RFL of SL blog; undertaking social media outreach
  • Events and Design, including planning and executing RFL season special events such as the Kick-off Celebration, Halfway There fair, Multi Team Event and Wrap Up Party; providing support for RFL of SL special mega events as well as the Relay Weekend
  • Internal Support, including providing support to all Relay Teams (processing information on teams, providing mentoring and coaching to teams, moderating group chat, providing inspiration and advice to teams, etc); reaching out to caregivers and survivors; managing the various tools used by RFL of SL (databases, fundraising tools, etc.

Full details on the responsibilities for each division, together with the key skills being sought for each, can be found in the notes accompanying the application form.

If you would like to apply to help with any of the committee work, please complete the committee interest application form, making sure all required fields and filled-out.

Last year, RFL of SL almost broke through the $400,000 barrier. Why not help make 2014 even more of a record-breaking year?

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