Farewell Frisch?

Frisch Castle, January 2014, December 2013Frisch Castle – click for full size

Back in late 2012 I wrote about Frisch Castle, a Norman-style set of ruins and once an  orentation spot for new users, particularly those from Germany.

The article struck a cord with many, and Frisch itself was highly regarded in SL for its historical context. At the time of writing, I noted that it was on Governor Linden land, and one worth the visit for those who hadn’t seen it before.

Now it appears to have come to an end. Frisch region, where the castle once sat, is gone, as has the castle’s entry in the Destination Guide (where it once appeared under “Castles and Ruins”). This isn’t conclusive proof that the castle has indeed vanished form Second Life – it may (perhaps) have been relocated. If anyone is aware of this being the case, please drop me a line!

Frisch Castle, January 2014Frisch Castle – click for full size

If the castle has indeed gone, that it is something of a loss. The build may not have been recent, but it did have a sense of grandeur and offered a very photogenic location and an ideal backdrop. As to when it may have been “retired” is hard to say,  my last visit was in July 2013, and I’ve not had the opportunity to return since – or take any further high resolution images 😦 . So here’s a collection of some taken between November 2012 and June 213.

5 thoughts on “Farewell Frisch?

  1. Frisch, along with its cluster of sims (which included Benn and Mann, and one or two others), has been gone for about two months now, I think. Certainly long enough to have fallen off my “one month and older” TP history.


    1. Also, Tyche Shepherd’s Grid Survey page shows Frisch as having been active on 5th November 2013, and that the last map images for the region were collected on the 3rd of November (having previously been updated every couple of days). Benn and Mann show similar dates for their last appearances. That chimes with my recollection of its disappearance.


      1. Thanks for that, KT.

        I hadn’t got as far as running through Tyche’s survey notes to see when Frisch itself poofed from the grid. It would be nice to think the castle has been relocated even with the region gone … but pigs and flying and all that. I’ll miss the place; I kept planning on going back and trying to get a really *good* set of high resolution snaps, but always let something else get in the way 😦 .


  2. Would love to hear if it turns up. Obviously I have a vested interest in its persistence…


    1. I fear that gone may well be gone, but would love to see it return, even if only in a historical context (like the old orientation centre built by Michael Linden).


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