RiTai Dreamland: an eclectic tropical splendour

RiTai Dreamland, January 2014
RiTai Dreamland – click for full size

Goizane Latzo over at Bitacora drew my attention to RiTai Dreamland, a full region which is jointly owned by Tai – HH (Taishatai aka Tai (taisha Lemon)) and her partner Richard (dexterity00).

I’m not sure if the region forms their private home, but Tai and Richard have generously opened it to the public, and the ground level is more than worth a visit, as it is a very picturesque place which offers more than might initially be apparent to the new arrival. Taking a tropical theme as its basis, the region is oriented towards the west – all the better to appreciate SL’s beautiful sunsets – and has all the trapping of a typical location in the tropics: golden sands, tall palms, high rock faces down which waterfalls tumble; the sound of waves breaking upon the shore, a curving, lagoon-like sweep of water cutting into the island, and more…

RiTai Dreamland, January 2014
RiTai Dreamland – click for full size

However, this is not just a tropical island. Follow the paths around it, cross the bridges over the water, and you’ll pass by a fascinating range of artwork from a number of SL artists, including Bryn Oh (who has her own place on the neighbouring RiTai East),  Sniper Seimens, Nera Ireman, Yana Inaka, Nessuno Myoo and Tai herself. Some of these sit on their own, under the shade of palms, others sit within public sun decks or out on and over the surrounding waters. But wherever they are, each of the pieces on display offers its own unique focal point as one explores the island, serving to both give pause as one wanders and to prompt one to carry on around the island to see what else might be found.

The art isn’t only down on the beach areas or on / over the water, either.  There is a tree house offering more pieces to be admired (use the teleport button at the base of the tree to make your way up to it), notably – again – from Bryn Oh. From here a wooden bridge spans the gap to the top of the waterfalls, although you may feel like you need a battered fedora and a bullwhip while crossing it! A further wood-and-rope bridge leads you to the top of the remaining cliffs, and a further view of the landscape below and the surrounding sea.

RiTai Dreamland, January 2014
RiTai Dreamland – click for full size

Alongside of art, a love of speed and flight is very much in evidence in RiTai Dreamland. In the lagoon-like centre of the region sits a gleaming white cruiser, while one of the beachfront lounge areas sports a scale model of a Formula 1 racing car and a gleaming motorcycle. Elsewhere, a number of helicopters can be found, one of which can be flown by visitors wanting to enjoy more of a bird’s-eye view of the island and which the adventurous might want to try taking up and landing on the cliff-top helipad.

Nor is the helicopter the only activity which can be enjoyed here; those who don’t wish to walk around the island can saddle-up and ride a horse; there is also hangliding and surfing on offer as well as the infamous pirate ship Blake Pearl (not to be confused with a pirate vessel of a similar name from a certain film franchise 😉 ) to explore and even canons to fire!

RiTai Dreamland, January 2014
RiTai Dreamland – click for full size

All-in-all, RiTai Dreamland offers a wonderfully imaginative destination which has it all: beautiful  landscaping, some excellent pieces of art and sculpture to admire, things to do and places to simply sit and unwind. There’s even Bryn’s place just across the water, but I’m leaving that for another day and another visit…

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