Ole Etzel reveals the secrets of Machinima


Have you ever wondered how to make machinima? (Yes!). Have you ever given it a go and been less that satisfied? (Yes!). Not even sure what this “machinima” thing is? Ole Etzel – aka Mr. Bones will be on-hand to answer these questions and more as he sits down to present a practical workshop on the subject which promises to cover everything from capturing things in-world through editing and post-production.

Notes for his own series of Mr. Bones videos and recently the focus of The Drax Files, Ole also promises to give more insight into In the Belly of the Whale, which he is co-running with Eupalinos Ugajin at Moving Islands [Rafts] at LEA20.

"Lights, camera ..." The workshop area
“Lights, camera …” The workshop area

Things kick-off at 12:00 noon SLT. The workshop area can be reached via the LEA20 arrival point. Look for the workshop poster (top), and the treasure chest beneath it. Click on the latter for a teleport to the workshop area (the direct TP may not work).

And here’s one of my favourite Mr. Bones music videos.

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