Part of the Flash Mob

Flash Mob: a piece by Secret Rage
Flash Mob: a piece by Secret Rage

On January 3rd, and thanks to Quan Lavender, I wrote-up a small piece on In the Belly of the Whale and Flash Mob, both of which are taking place under the auspices of the LEA in January. At the time of writing, Flash Mob was just in the process of starting-up, so I thought I’d pop back and take a peek – although admittedly with ulterior motives.

The event is the brainchild of Secret Rage, who is also curating it across LEA26 and LEA27. As noted in my preview report, Secret is inviting people to submit one or more art pieces (the total for which should not exceed 200 LI) to be displayed within one of the regions through until the end of January – the hope being to keep on adding pieces until the combined 30,000 LI capacity of both regions is reached.

Flash Mob: Frankx Lefavre
Flash Mob: Frankx Lefavre

Already a number of noted artists and SL photographers have responded to the call, and Flash Mob is turning into a fascinating collection of SL art work which is also quite possibly one of the most unique in SL in the way it is both bringing so many different talents together in one place and because there is no central theme or idea on which the exhibits are to be based, leading to an intrigue mix of exhibits.

Piece currently on display include works by Claudia222 Jewell (always a favourite), Giovanna Cerise, Bear Silvershade and Derry McMahon and Ziki Questi (three photographers I greatly admire), Haveit Neox, Betty Tureaud, Ataro Asbrink, Fuschia Nightfire – and more.

The pieces on display range from photos and paintings through sculptures and murals to interactive pieces, all set-out in an open landscape one can explore at will and in whatever direction one opts to take.

Flash Mob: Angelwood Bay Arts Center (angel Kingmaker)
Flash Mob: Angelwood Bay Arts Center (angel Kingmaker)

Given the nature of the event, it makes for a highly eclectic exhibit, one which perhaps gives visitors the chance to see works by people they’ve not come across in SL before (that’s certainly the case with me; I’ve already found pieces by several people I’ve added to my list of Names To Watch Out For in art and other announcements).

And the ulterior move for this revisit? Well, I got up the courage to submit 8 of my own images of places around SL, and Secret has put them up in a rather nice little display in what is the first time I’ve exhibited anything in-world.

My little bit if Flash Mob :)
My little bit if Flash Mob 🙂

I don’t expect anyone to visit Flash Mob simply because I have some pictures there, but given the august company surrounding my little efforts, I do commend Flash Mob as a worthwhile visit; It’s a great way to enjoy a very broad cross-section of SL art,

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