Drax Files Radio Hour launches in January

radio-hourJanuary 2014 will see the launch of The Drax Files Radio Hour, a new weekly radio / podcast to be hosted by Draxtor Despres and Jo Yardley.

Tooting my horn a little, I’ve actually known about the series for a while. It’s pretty fair to say that the seed of the idea was likely planted during one of the many back-and-forth discussions Drax and I had and have about each segment of The Drax Files (he prodded me a number of times to do a podcast with him. While I passed at the time, I may still contribute to the show if there is interest from Drax and Jo in having me do so).

Balanced discussion of Second Life tends to be in short supply nowadays. While Metareality has returned, I have to say that I’d personally found that show to be increasingly biased (and at times under-informed) prior to if going off-air over summer, which is a pity. Hopefully, The Drax Files Radio Hour will be able to shine a light on the good, the bad, the strange and the wonderful within Second Life and virtual worlds as a whole and provide good, informed discussion across all.

The show is set to be broadcast “without permission somewhere from an attic in 1920s Berlin”, and will feature discussions, guests, visits to regions in-world, looks at emerging technology, and so on. I’m laying odds that two hot topics on the tech side which will be featuring are the Oculus Rift and Leap Motion, particularly given both Jo and Drax have an interest in each, and both are set to be coming to Second Life in 2014 :).

If you want to stay abreast of plans, there is a Facebook page for the show, but no website (as yet – I might prod Drax on that as well on behalf of all of us Facebook avoiders :)).

The first broadcast for the show is currently scheduled for Thursday, January 10th, 2014. I’ll be following things here, and will hopefully be able to help people keep up-to-date on things as the show develops and we move closer to the premiere. In the meantime, make a note in your diary!

5 thoughts on “Drax Files Radio Hour launches in January

  1. I’m not sure “balanced” is the right word to describe two strong rah-rahs like Draxtor and the slightly-more-tempered Jo. But it’ll be significantly more informed than the last gasp of Metareality’s/Sandcastle’s core group, who appear to have forgotten that they’re only interesting with a guest (not Draxtor) who actually knows what’s going on and has a stake in the platform’s future.

    I strongly encourage you to participate in that show, if only to provide a realist’s view.



  2. Our blog is live – folks can start commenting a month prior to initial broadcast & secure an underwriting spot as well http://www.draxfiles.com – we are looking forward to engaging and passionate discussion, an antidote to the screaming/whining talking heads who are dominating not only the tiny tiny niche of VW podcasting but are a larger problem with media [commentary replacing reporting blablabla]…


    1. If you learn from what caused the death-spirals of Tonight Live, Metanomics and Metareality, you’ll do well for as long as you do it:
      – The same guests over and over. (Metanomics, Tonight Live)
      – Increasing opinion, less fact. (Metareality)
      – Disinterested, disengaged hosts. (Gianna)
      – Dead horses beaten to atoms. (Qarl)
      – Listening to the guest, not just waiting to inject an opinion (Reed)
      – Don’t bite the hand that feeds you traffic, but don’t reflexively kiss it, either (Lab)
      – Walking into a discussion without research (Tonight Live)

      Good luck,


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