2001 a blog odyssey

SLCP-1Without me actually realising it at the time, this blog passed the 2,000 published articles mark. I’m a bit boggled by that figure.

It was in August 2012 that I reached the 1,000 published posts mark – and that took some three years to achieve. So doubling it in just over a year tends to tell me two things: 1) the volume of my blogging has dramatically increased; 2) I really need to spend more time away from the computer screen! :D.

I’m actually not a great one for blog numbers; however, when I passed through the 1,000 published posts mark, I noted that this blog had some 250,000 hits in the 12-months between August 2011 and July 2012, so I thought it would be interesting to run a comparison for the same period in 2012/2013. I was not a little stunned to see that figure had increased by over 100,000. That so many so read and continue to find this blog interesting and look to it for information really does amaze and humble me.

It is the level of feedback that is given which encourages me to keep on writing and to make sure I make time on a daily basis to do so.

Another distinct pleasure I’ve had from all of this is being able to get out into SL and wander “the highlands and islands”, discovering some remarkable places and builds and meeting a huge number of creative and fun people. This in turn has helped put SL into a better perspective for me and remind me that, warts and all, it’s still an amazing place in which to spend time, and I’m again flattered that people do find my wibblings about places to visit worthy of note, and who show their appreciation for my photographic efforts via my Flickr stream and profile feed as well, all of which are very much appreciated.

It’s been quite the odyssey so far, one I currently don’t plan on stopping. To all of you who have encouraged me by reading, commenting, poking and suggesting, I again offer my sincere thanks.


12 thoughts on “2001 a blog odyssey

  1. I love your blog, thank you so much for all your work. Without you and many other bloggers we wouldn’t get any information from the Lab.


  2. I only recently subscribed to your blog around 6-8 months ago, and when Ifind your blog in my email box, I am keen to read & enjoy your thoughts of the day, I also enjoy the blogs from Honor, Mona, Lemondrop & Gogo too.
    Great work Inara.


  3. Informative articles, with insight and understanding on such a variety of topics. And beautiful pictures too. It’s perfect. It is my first stop each morning. Thank you and congratulations on your milestones.


  4. I must make Danko’s words mine as well!
    Congrats and forgive a brat that sometimes replies to much from her heart and less from her brains (is i still has some in there, lol)!


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