Leap Motion integration coming to SL?

Most people are already aware that Linden Lab are working to integrate the Oculus Rift headset, and are also probably aware that at the start of 2013, Simon Linden did some initial work in enabling the Leap Motion controller to work with Second Life with very basic movement / action controls.

Simon’s work was not a part of any official project, but acted as a proof-of-concept as to what might be achieved using Leap Motion as an alternative means of avatar control  to the keyboard / mouse, and he made the code available for anyone wishing to make use of it.

Since then, other have looked into the use of Leap Motion, with perhaps Draxtor Despres being the most noticeable of late, after he recently produced a video showing his work in SL / Leap Motion connectivity through the use of the GameWAVE software application which can be obtained from the Leap Motion Airspace online app store.

Now it looks as if Leap Motion integration into Second Life may become part of a combined project featuring Linden Lab, third-party viewer and open-source developers and Leap Motion themselves.

A surprise guest at the Third-party Developer meeting on Friday November 22nd was a representative from Leap Motion. However, as he was unable to speak due to voice issues, Oz spoke on his behalf, revealing that the company is very interested in having their controller “well-integrated” into the viewer.

“So they have been very gracious and provided us with some controllers to play with,” Oz informed those attending the meeting. “And they’re prepared to provide consulting and help for people who want to do it.”

As the Lab is already running a number of viewer-related projects (not all of which have yet been revealed), they are hoping the open-source / TPV developers will be willing to work on the project in order to get code contributed and integrated into the viewer.

It is hoped that the Leap Motion device can be "well integrated" into the SL viewer (image courtesy of leapmotion.com)
It is hoped that the Leap Motion device can be “well-integrated” into the SL viewer (image courtesy of leapmotion.com)

Whether the work will build on Simon’s initial proof-of-concept or form a totally separate project is currently unclear at this point, but at least the Lab have the code should it prove useful in giving the work an initial boost.

There is no official timescale for the project as yet, however developers who are interested in being involved are encouraged to contact both Oz Linden at the usual e-mail address, and the Leap Motion rep.

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    1. There seems to be a lot coming down the pipe, only some of which is currently in the “public domain”, going on comments which have been passed.

      As such, getting TPV devs involved potentially means this work will move ahead faster than might otherwise be the case. This could be beneficial given Leap Motion is now widely available.


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