More on Leap Motion, courtesy of Drax

Back at the start of the year, Simon Linden revealed he’d done some preliminary work on using Leap Motion within Second Life, allowing the former to provide some limited control of in-world avatar actions.

Now none other that our own Draxtor Despres has been trying-out the Leap Motion, and has produced a video of his experiences and some notes on using the kit with Second Life. It’s an informative piece which includes playing Loki Elliot’s The Well.

Drax uses GameWAVE to configure his leap Motion device, and the video shows he gains a reasonable level of control over avatar movement, and GameWAVE has the potential to add control beyond that demonstrated within the video.

For those into compiling their own viewers, Simon’s code is still available in the viewer-rabbit repository, but please read his notes in his original blog post.

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With thanks to Drax for pinging me about this.

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