SL project updates week 44 (2): Group bans and sundry news

Server Deployments week 44 – Recap

As always, please refer to the week’s forum deployment thread for the latest news and updates.

  • Main channel: no update
  • Release Candidates: all three received the same new server maintenance package on Tuesday October 29th, which fixed some crash modes.

The RC release will likely be promoted to the Main channel during week 45.

Upcoming Work

At the Server Beta meeting on Thursday October 31st, Maestro Linden indicated that Simon Linden is working on a new package, but that it might not see the light of day for another week or so. “[It] has a bunch of miscellaneous fixes, including a potential fix for BUG-4152 (that ‘parcel full’ bug with vehicle region crossing which is rather common),” he told attendees.

There are apparently more “shinies” being worked on, but they are unlikely to be in this maintenance project, which Maestro describes as “solely bug fixes.”

SL Viewer Updates

The Maintenance RC viewer updated to release on Wednesday October 30th, otherwise no other changes to the viewer release channel.

There appears to be a closed viewer repository called “343-fittedmesh” with Oz Linden’s name attached to it. Quite what it might be is open to speculation, but the name might carry a possible hint. It has certainly prompted suggestions that the Lab might want to rethink their approach to code repository naming!

Baker Linden: Group Ban List

Baker and Caleb Linden (no, it's probably best not to ask...!)
Baker and Caleb Linden (no, it’s probably best not to ask…!)

“So group ban stuff is progressing more,” Baker Linden informed the Server Beta meeting. He went on:

However with Caleb and Maestro’s magnificence in finding out things I did wrong, we’re still in internal QA.  There are a couple issues that I’m currently working on, and one issue that came up today that I’m going to need some time to think about over the weekend. I’ve already fixed a few bugs however, so it’s still progressing, just much slower than I would have liked. I’m sorry that it’s taking a long time to get out. I’m touching a lot of systems and I want to make sure it’s done properly. I really do appreciate all the patience y’all have with me too :).

 Other Items

Scripted Sound Improvements?

During the Simulator User Group meeting on Tuesday October 29th, a question was raised about improving scripted sound capabilities with additional functions and parameters (e.g.  “llLinkPlaySound”, “llLinkStopSound” and “llLinkLoopSound”) which would allow for things like a single looped sound for a vehicle’s engine, with the ability to change the pitch of the sound to emulate the changing engine pitch when accelerating or slowing down without the need for multiple sound clips. This has been coupled with a request to make the prim collision sound being a property of the prim instead of the script.

Commenting on the request as the Server Beta meeting, Maestro indicated that Kelly Linden may be looking into things, although details of exactly what with be implemented, and what calls / parameters, etc., will be used is unclear. For the purposes of frequency modulation, viewer side changes will be required for making any adjustments to sound frequency.

Region Relocations

The subject of making it easier to move entire / large region builds from one region to another (so someone who owns two regions can move the contents of one to the other). currently there is no easy way to accomplish this. Apparently, the capability to ” restore to last position” (now only usable if you have rezzing rights at 0,0,0 within a region) was introduced for precisely this reason when the Linden were moving Adult regions to Zindra in 2010. Whether or not a capability to move region builds in this way would be re-introduced is open to debate; it is quite possible it is something that would not see that much use. Those wanting it, however, might want to file a Bug report (and label it “Feature Request”).