Viewer release summary 2013: week 43

This summary is published every Monday and is a list of SL viewer / client releases (official and TPV) made during the previous week. When reading it, please note:

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  • By its nature, this summary will always be in arrears
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Updates for the week ending: October 27th, 2013 (with extras)

Official LL Viewers

  • Current Release updated on October 23rd to version: (formerly the”ShareStorm” RC viewer combining SLShare functionality with request teleport feature, et al) – release notes
  • Release channel cohorts (See my notes on manually installing RC viewer versions if you wish to install any release candidate(s) yourself):
    • Removal of Google Breakpad RC
  • Project viewers:
    • None at present

LL Viewer Resources

Third-party Viewers


  • Black Dragon updated on October 28th to version 2.3.4 Alpha – core updates: prim alignment tool; ability to derender objects and avatars, fullbrights; SLShare (release notes)
  • CtrlAltStudio Experimental updated on October 23rd to version (Occulus Rift): (Alpha 4) – core updates: initial pass at implementing UI elements in “Riftlook”, updated set-up options for Oculus Rift (Preferences > Graphics > Display Output (release notes)
  • Kokua updated on October 22nd to version – core updates: code base to SL viewer 3.6.8 (incl AMD / ATi Catalyst drivers hot fix), legacy search with shortcut Ctrl-Alt-F & access via menus; initial Area Search with shortcut Alt-A; UI enhancements (change log)
  • UKanDo updated on October 21st to version – core updates: addition of Quick Tools and Area Search; context menu updates; improved UI; RLV updated to latest version (release notes).


  • Cool VL updated on October 26th to:
    • Stable version:
    • Experimental version:
    • Release notes (both) core updates: provisional support for the new Export permission flag in OpenSim, Improved inventory item permissions floater; Kitely added to OpenSim grid list; code backports, improvements and optimisations

Additional TPV Resources

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ToS changes: Legal panel discussion transcripts

On Saturday October 19th, a panel of legal experts  – real-life attorneys – sat down at the Rose Theatre, Angel Manor in Second Life to discuss the August 15th changes to the Second Life Terms of Service, address questions on the matter and remove some of the FUD which has built-up around the subject.

In attendance were Agenda Faromet, who in real life is an attorney specialising in privacy and internet law operating out of San Francisco, Tim Faith (SL: Yoss Kamachi), a Maryland attorney with a strong background in IT and who deals with matters related to copyright, IP, trademark, etc., and Juris Amat, a Massachusetts bar member who runs the Virtual Intellectual Property Organisation (VIPO). All three are members of the SL Bar Association, based in-world at Justitia.

In all, the session lasted just under three hours, with initial presentations by Agenda Faromet and Tim Faith (Juris Amat had difficulties attending the first part of the session). Tis was followed by a question-and-answer session moderated by Maxwell Graf, with Kylie Sabra relaying Juris Amat’s replies via voice.

For ease of reference, the transcripts are broken down into seven parts, as listed below. Each one includes the audio recording I provided in my original report on the meeting.

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