Qarl: “Goodbye, Second Life”

Qarl Fizz, formerly Qarl Linden, and Karl Stiefvater, former co-host (or at least resident guest) in the Metareality podcasts and also responsible for initially coding the mesh deformer, has announced he has “deleted” his region in Second Life. He explains why in a blog post which appeared on October 16th.

With thanks to Damian Fate by way of Ely Hynes.

Mixed Pixels while in a Dream of India

Mixed pixelsQuan Lavender sent me an invitation to preview a new exhibition at Art India Galley. Mixed Pixels, which opens on Thursday October 17th, 2013 at 14:00 SLT, will run through until November 30th, 2013.

The exhibition brings together a number of SL artists from differing backgrounds, all of whom have two things in common: they’re actively engaged in Second Life, and they all hail from Germany.

There are also two reasons for the exhibition, as Quan (who is herself German and is the exhibit’s curator) explains in her invite to bloggers.

Burk Bode - Mixed Pixels
Burk Bode – Mixed Pixels 1

Firstly, the exhibition is a virtual contribution to the Festival der Liebe (Festival of Love), a cultural event run by the German Community in Second Life, and which this year takes place between October 17th and October 21st. Secondly, Quan feels that the German Community’s contribution to art in SL has perhaps been a little overshadowed by other nationalities, with German artists preferring, as she puts it, to assimilate with others rather than present on their own.

This exhibition, covering two display areas at Art India linked by a teleport system, brings together the work of Ataro Asbrink, Burk Bode, Cutea Benelli, Draxtor Despres, Kayle Matzerath, Nelson Lorvannagan), Ole Etzel. orlando di strada (gnupf Gufler), Quika Basevi, Sina Souza and WuWai Chun, each of whom has been provided with space in which to exhibit works of their choosing. Together they demonstrate just how broad and deep art is within Second Life.

Nelson - Mixed Pixels
Nelson – Mixed Pixels 2

Each of the individual exhibit spaces has its own appeal; the subject matter encompasses everything from delightful creativity through inspiring photography, the power of media to political statements on the shape and state of our society.

Several of the pieces on display are interactive in one way or another; there’s a puzzle to solve, buttons to press, levers to pull. Nelson Lorvannagan offers a number of his photos which demonstrate why, since arriving in Second Life in July 2013, he has become one of the most highly regarded photographers on the grid – as his Flickr stream more than demonstrates. His creativity and composition are to be admired and aspired to.

WuWai Chun - Mixed Pixels
WuWai Chun – Mixed Pixels 1

As well as presenting his Coded Movie at the exhibit, Ataro Asbrink will also be hosting a workshop on Sunday October 27th. Cutea Benelli, meanwhile, offers up two fun pieces which add a dash of humour and demonstrate beautiful creativity.

Her Shakespeare 2.0 Apparatus shows us that the infinite monkey theorem is actually incorrect. Rather than needing a monkey a typewriter and an infinite amount of time in order to reproduce something like Shakespeare’s works (in whole or in part), all you need is a chimpanzee, a banana and a time machine. The banana actually appears to upset the apple cart somewhat (if I might mix my fruits) given some of the results, but the Apparatus isl only a beta unit, so allowances must be made :). It does, however, show that the late Douglas Adams may have been somewhat closer to the mark in his interpretation of the theorem!

Cutea Benelli - Mixed Pixels
Cutea Benelli – Mixed Pixels 2

Alongside the Apparatus sits the Evil Haiku Automaton, an exquisite piece of work (also available to buy), which will offer-up a personal Haiku with more than the usual twist. For example:

Well, bon appetit /  I am so hungry / Dark murmur of my chainsaw

This is small, but fascinating exhibit, well-worth the visit. The 14:00 SLT opening will be accompanied by music from DJ Dixie Jefferson, and as noted above, the exhibit runs through until the end of November.

Dream of India

When visiting Mixed Pixels, do take time to wander around the Art India region. There are more exhibits to see, both in-door and out. In the grounds, you’ll find works by Tyrehl Byk, Trill Zapatero, Claudia222 Jewell and elros Tuomimen , as well as Robin Moore’s Relation Tower.

These all sit amidst a reworking of the land around the gallery, entitled Dream of India and which features places to sit, paths to wander and additional builds, including a magnificent palace built by Nepherses Amat, and on loan to the gallery.

Dream of India
Dream of India – the Palace by Nepherses Amat

Elsewhere is a temple (please remove footwear before entering!), a new bazaar with Indian-themed and inspired goods, a meditation centre, dance floor, and more, all of which is also officially opening on Thursday October 17th.

Teleport boards scattered through the region make getting around easier if you don’t fancy walking. If you prefer, you can take to horseback or you can even take a guided tour, courtesy of – what else? – a magic carpet!

Dream of India
Dream of India

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