SL Projects update week 41 (2): TPV developer meeting, group ban list, interest list

Server Deployments Summary – Week 41

As always, please refer to the week’s forum deployment thread for the latest news and updates.

  • There was no update to the Main channel
  • The three RCs remained on the same package as deployed in week 40, with one additional fix for objects using llGetCameraRot() as a result of an interest list related issue.

Potential Server Deployments  – Week 42

Speaking at the Server Beta meeting on Thursday October 11th, Maestro Linden indicated that allowing for QA testing and final decisions, it looks as if week 42 (commencing Monday October 14th) should see:

  • The Main channel receive the package currently deployed to the three RCs
  • At least one RC package which should contain fixes for the region crossing issues noted in my week 40 report, namely: vehicles being incorrectly autoreturned on crossing a region boundary under certain circumstances (and the collision body being left behind) and “ghost” avatars and vehicles sometimes appearing to an observer when the region crossing is at the limits of their draw distance.
In the guise of my "Crash Test Alt", I doogie with a top-hatted Simon Linden at the Server Beta meeting
In the guise of my “Crash Test Alt”, I boogie with a top-hatted Simon Linden at the Server Beta meeting

SL Viewer Updates

RC Updates

The Second Life Share (SLShare) RC viewer has been rebuilt using the current de facto viewer release code and a new version – – on October 9th. This should see all of the current RC builds now rebuilt using the release viewer code base.

Mac Viewer  / OS X 10.6

The Mac 3.6.4 viewer which was offered to Mac OS X 10.6 users as a result of issues with the recent Cocoa updates impacting them has been closed, as the Lab believes all the important bugs on this issue are fixed.  Those who had either been rolled back to this release, or opted to install it, have been updated to the current release.

Interest List Viewer

The interest list RC viewer has yet to appear, although the code is available for those able to access it for self-builds. Two issues have been identified by those compiling the viewer. The first of these appears to be a known bug, SH-4552, wherein objects and linksets previously cached by the viewer fail to load following a teleport, and will generally only render following a relog (right-clicking where the object should be, as with the “missing prims” issue earlier in the year, does not work). The second causes objects to vanish from the user’s field-of-view until after a relog  if draw distance is reduced and then returned to its prior settings.

Whether either of these issues is sufficient to stop the viewer emerging as either a project or RC viewer remains to be seen. The code had been sitting awaiting the button to be pushed to move it into one or the other. It had been hoped that members of the team who have been working on the viewer would be available to discuss the viewer during the TPV Developer meeting on Friday October 11th. Unfortunately, they didn’t manage to attend.

Upcoming Viewers

Other viewers on the horizon include:

  • A further maintenance release, which may include Baker Linden’s Group Ban List code
  • Monty Linden’s viewer-side HTTP updates, which have been “snarled up” as a result of some rebuild dependencies.

AIS v3

The server-side API updates for the Advanced Inventory System are being deployed to some test regions on Aditi. Once this has been completed, it is anticipated that testing the new capabilities to ensure they don’t have an unexpected impact on viewers which do not have the necessary code to support them, will commence.

The viewer-side code for this work still has “one or two” serious issues the Lab wishes to resolve before making it available. However, once these have been sorted (potentially in week 42), it is anticipated that the code will be released to TPVs so they can incorporate it into test builds for further testing with the server-side code on Aditi. The viewer code will also be making its way to a project viewer / RC release.

Group Ban List

Concerns have been raised over whether or not group bans are enforced server-side, or dependent on viewers having the viewer-side updates (i.e. so if someone is banned from a group, but is not using a viewer with the group ban code, they might be able to ignore the ban).

Speaking at the Server Beta meeting on Thursday October 10th, Simon Linden confirmed that bans are enforced server-side, so anyone banned from a group will be banned, regardless as to whether or not they are using a viewer with the viewer-side code.  Obviously, however, a person will need to be on a viewer with the requisite code in order to be able to ban  someone from a group.

Other Bits

Leap Motion

A question was asked at the TPV Developer meeting as to whether any further work had been put into Leap Motion. Simon Linden originally looked at this at the start of 2013, going so far as to develop code which would allow a user to interact with the viewer to a basic degree using hand gestures.

Simon Linden demonstrates using Leap Motion to control his avatar when flying (February 2013)
Simon Linden demonstrates using Leap Motion to control his avatar when flying (February 2013)

While this code was made available at the time, the work hasn’t been progressed within Linden Lab.  This is primarily for two reasons; firstly, the work was a “spare time” project on Simon’s part. Secondly, and as Oz Linden explained in answering the question, the issue with Leap Motion (and similar gesture-driven devices) is not so much getting it to work with a specific application, but rather in developing a unified set of gestures necessary for people to make practical use of the device – or even agreeing on what those gestures should be to start with.

With thanks to Northspring for the video of the TPV Developer meeting of Friday October 11th