SL10BCC: Get ready for a long walk!


Hunts have always been a feature of major events in Second Life, and the birthday celebrations are no exception. This year, SL10BCC no exception.

But because this is a celebration of SL’s 10th birthday, there won’t just be any old hunt. There will be The Long Walk!

Poster by Whiskey Monday
Poster by Whiskey Monday

Devised by David Abbott, who created the Hunt in the Desert for SL9B and who acted as the intrepid explorer who guided participants through the Egyptian desert, and with the help of Rosamoo Mendelsohn of Hunt SL,  The Long Walk will lead you through the streets of the SL10BCC regions on a journey of discovery.

With 20 fun-packed regions to explore, some of the most amazing builds yet seen in SL, the tenth anniversary celebrations kick-off on June 16th, and should offer something for everyone to see, do and enjoy – and for the very intrepid, there will be The Long Walk!

Every day for the Birthday Week, David will be posting an account to the official SL10BCC blog of his explorations of the celebration regions and recounting some of the amazing sights he sees along the way.

All you have to do is follow in his footsteps. Along each stage of the journey, if you pick-up on the hints and keep your eyes peeled, you can pick up one or two special gifts. But be warned! These may not always be in the locations he mentions directly, although the clues will be there – even if they take the form of an X marking the spot!

Where will The Long Walk lead you?
Where will The Long Walk lead you?

The Long Walk will open during the birthday week, and will continue through until the celebration regions close on June 29th, with the gifts available to all throughout.

So get your walking shoes ready and pack a map – The Long Walk will await you!

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