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As recently reported, Linden Lab have announced the first step in the retirement of Magic Boxes in order to encourage remaining merchants who have not done so to swap over to Direct Delivery.

At the time I posted that piece, I noted that a major stumbling block in the adoption of Direct Delivery was the fact that while it tended to work flawlessly for some (myself included), for others it has been at least as problematic as using Magic Boxes, and that Marketplace issues with DD were potentially as widespread as those for Magic Boxes.

To help overcome both reservations on the part of merchants who have not yet swapped over to Direct Delivery, and to help resolve any remaining issues with DD migration, the Lab has moved to do two things:

  • Launch a fresh Direct Delivery FAQ which attempts to answer some of the most common basic questions around Direct Delivery and also point towards other resources
  • Launch an updated Merchant Outbox project viewer. This viewer, built on 3.4.4 code, and so pre-CHUI, is designed to overcome all Merchant Outbox issues recorded in JIRA WEB-4600, and the advice for anyone still encountering migration problems is to give this viewer a run.

If you’ve been using a more recent (3.4.5 or 3.5.0 code base) LL viewer, note that you might find your toolbar buttons vanishing when you run this project viewer – it’s a known issue, and buttons can be restored from the Button Toolbar.

An update Merchant Outbox project viewer has been issued to assit those encounter problems migrating to Direct Delivery
An updated Merchant Outbox project viewer has been issued to assist those encounter problems migrating to Direct Delivery

In addition, Dakota Linden has been responding to requests and questions regarding migration posted to the Merchant’s forum, and her responses may also be of assistance to those encountering problems.

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4 thoughts on “LL offer Merchant Outbox project viewer

    1. It is pretty painless when it works. I have zero problems. Some have found to tends to fight back, tho :(. Glad it went OK for you :).


  1. I’m afraid this weekend’s status page isn’t very encouraging: marketplace problems, for which a fix is expected within 48 hours. Going by the timestamps, that’s sometime on Monday. Yes, providing good support on weekends costs money. But, look at the figures, weekends are when your customers are logging on.

    I find it hard to be hopeful. Right now, the Grid, as a whole, is lagging like a region holding an 80-AV Christmas Party. The whole Linden Labs infrastructure, hardware and human, is starting to look unfit for purpose.


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