Down the rabbit hole for Easter

I first came across Ginger Lorakeet’s work at SL9B in 2011, where she had an exhibit on the region of Nove. I find the concept of 3D art in an immersive 3D environment fascinating – so was intrigue to discover Ginger had been selected as one of Artists in Residence for the 4th round of the Linden Endowment for the Arts season of that name – and have been awaiting the opening of her installation.

Putting yo in the frame - Inside Art at LEA23
Putting you in the frame – Inside Art at LEA23

Inside Art opened recently, and is more than worth a visit – not only does the installation feature some of Ginger’s Inside Art pieces for you to enjoy – and be a part of -, it also invites you to follow in Alice’s footsteps, and visit interpretations of scenes from Lewis Caroll’s famous works featuring her adventures. By combining the two, Ginger presents an engaging view of art in Second Life while also allowing visitors to visit some unique takes on Alice’s adventures.

You start standing outside a piece of art which demonstrates a clever use of 3D forced perspective. Nearby is a large magnifying glass – step through it and start your journey!

Inside Art / Alice in Wonderland - LEA23
Inside Art and scenes from Alice’s adventures – LEA23

Rather than presenting “traditional” views of Alice’s tales, however, Ginger has largely opted to go for more unusual interpretations – some of which put you firmly in the role of Alice, particularly after you take a drink from a bottle found along the way, or lick a waiting mushrooms.

Here there is no waiting Queen of Hearts or sleepy attendants at any tea-party (which is not to say the tea party is absent the piece!). However, many of the characters from the stories do appear, if in an unusual guise.

Inside Art - Alice's adventures
Inside Art – a tea party awaits

Scenes are presented to you as you follow a trail through the region, starting with a maze where each turn is worth looking around before you find the exit and move on. Along the way, signs, presented with Carroll-like arrowed hints (“that way”, “wrong way”), ensure you keep to the path (not that it is hard!). As mentioned above, there are also familiar things to pick-up along the way, and which “help” you into the next scene or two. Drink from the bottle before entering one part of the installation, for example, and you’ll appear to share Alice’s experience of shrinking…

Inside Art
Inside Art

This really is a wonderful and whimsical installation which offers those visiting a lot to enjoy as they follow the path to Ginger’s gallery and at the gallery itself, where she presents a number of her works – including some for petites to share – which very firmly put you in the frame of things…

Absolutely worth a visit or two.

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