Return to The Garden

In November 2012, Salome Strangelove opened The Garden, an absorbing, immersive puzzle which is open to all to try their hand.

I reviewed The Garden as it opened last year, and for a time was a regular player, and also found myself attracted to it purely as a place in which to take pictures. In December 2012, I started working on putting together a video for The Garden, but stopped in early January with the project incomplete. Part of the reason for this is because I can’t actually do decent machinima on my current PC; I lack the skill (and hardware) for decent mouse control of the camera, and the PC / GPU has problems trying to run both FRAPS and SL side-by-side without a horrible loss of frames, even with Draw Distance down low and most bells and whistles turned off.

Anyway, for what it is worth and because I hate leaving things unfinished (they eventually all nag at me for attention), I decided to push the video through and upload it to You Tube.

As to The Garden itself, if you’ve not spent time there, I really do recommend you pay it a visit; it’s a fabulously immersive place in which to spend time – and the puzzle is quite addictive!

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SL10BCC: Celebration’s a-coming: of DJs and triangles …


We’re still over two months away from the opening day of the tenth anniversary celebration for Second Life – but that doesn’t mean people are sitting around a-waiting. Oh no. We’re already looking for volunteers.

Applications for volunteers, performers and exhibitors open on April 15th, and will remain open until May 20th. As I’ve already looked at this year’s theme and what it could mean to exhibitors, it’s time to hand over to Mistletoe Ethaniel, who has put together a video for all those DJs wishing to spin a spot at the celebration…

As the Prim Reaper has decided to take a break from things this year, The Boys In The Back Room have sought long and hard to find a spokesperson for the event.

… Looks like they’ve succeeded …

Update Your Bookmarks!

As Triangle Head notes, there have been some changes to various URLs for the celebration, so if you’re blogging about the Community Celebration, please make sure you update your links accordingly:

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With thanks to Saffia Widdershins