A Potpourri of art awaiting your consideration

potpourriPotpourri Markets, founded by Taylor Flanagan and Chloe Seljan, today launches a new art series which is both exhibition and contest. It sees twelve artists from across SL who will compete in a series of “rounds”, each round comprising one or two themes.

Each week, throughout the competition, a panel of judges will vote on entries and eliminate one artist from the contests, allowing the rest to pass on to the next round, with the Grand Finalist being announced on May 24th. At the same time, members of the public can vote each week for their personal favourite on the pieces on offer, the winner being the “Designated Public Artist” for the following week.

The competition kicks-off on Sunday March 10th, with a party at the exhibition space starting at 12:00 midday SLT, which includes the opportunity to see the participating artists’ first round entries on the theme of either “skeletons and red fruit” or “rain and hats”.

Potpourri Markets Art Contest
Potpourri Markets Art Contest

The display area is open-plan, covering most of the region, with each artist designated a display area (labelled A through L) bounded by hedges, with green avenues in between. There are also areas offering setting and various (non-contest) sculptures for public viewing.

The twelve artists taking part are: Anthora Toxx (area A), Megan Prumier (area B), Celestine Ghiardie (area C), Mary Kalil (area D), Derry McMahon (area E), Cherry Manga (area F), Oursinette Brunn (area G), Bunyolafun (area H), Sisi Biedermann (area I), Claude Belgar (area J), Domitalia Jinx (area K) and Monroe Snook (area L).

Potpourri Markets Art Contest

Members  of the public can vote for pieces in the exhibition by clicking on the prominent white signs located with each pieces, or by visiting the voting page on the Potpourri Markets blog. Upcoming themes for pieces include pirates, space, Asian, food, gold and silver, Halloween and circuses, so for those who enjoy visiting SL art installations, the event will certainly be worth adding to your places to visit.

The contest will be running from March 10th through May 24th, as noted above – so even if you can’t make it to see every week’s theme, there is plenty of time to explore the installation and enjoy any of the events Tay and Chloe have planned.

Potpourri Markets Art Contest - public space
Potpourri Markets Art Contest – public space

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