Accept: a journey of discovery and understanding

Accept poster On Saturday February 23rd, the Independent Ballet Company premiered its newest presentation, Accept, which is now on tour across Second Life.

Based on an original concept by IBC’s Deyna Broek, Accept blends ballet with modern dance, featuring both individual and group-synched dance pieces.

Set in modern times, the story follows the journey of four young women with very different personal histories, as they face their unique challenges, and each look at those around them – making judgments and observing the world around them, seeing only barriers, and who are all brought together by their mutual love of dance.

There is Celine Clare, or “CC” (danced and voiced by Dubhna Rhiadra), who comes from a supportive home where her upbringing has been marked by activism and where she has been encouraged to be true to her own beliefs. CC is her parent’s child, as she questions the norms of teen peer judgments by choosing her own path.

Emma (danced by Deadly Deed and voiced by Caledonia Skytower) is a talented, hardworking dancer. Raised by her grandmother following the deaths of her parents, Emma finds herself living on the streets when her grandmother unexpectedly passes away.

The principal dancers: CC (Dubhna Rhiadra), Emma (Deadly Deed and Caledonia Skytower), Amy (Annamaria Manatiso) and Phoebe Tiana (Deyna Broek)
The principal dancers: CC (Dubhna Rhiadra), Emma (Deadly Deed and Caledonia Skytower), Amy (Annamaria Manatiso) and Phoebe Tiana (Deyna Broek)

Amy (danced and voiced by Annamaria Manatiso) comes from a poor but loving, and supportive home. She struggles with her self-confidence, knowing she’s a talented dancer, but is embarrassed by the second-hand, and often badly worn dance gear she wears by necessity because of her family’s financial challenges.

Phoebe Tiana (danced and voiced by Deyna Broek) has grown up with all the advantages of life and under the guidance of a prima ballerina mother, but she struggles with a low self-image.  She has the desire, even the talent, but fears that she just doesn’t “have the genes” to make it as a dancer.

Something sparks between these girls, and they challenge the barriers they face, embracing their diversity, tearing down the walls that separate them. They come together and begin to see their world as larger than themselves; learning lessons of tolerance, compassion, and empathy as they come of age as dancers, and as women.

Tour Dates

Following a successful premiere, Accept is now on tour across the grid, with current dates as follows (all times SLT):

All shows are free admission (gratuites permitted and accepted with thanks), and are presented in Voice.

Interested in booking Accept?  Contact Dubhna Rhiadra for more details and to make your reservation.

Tips on Attending

Live performances in virtual worlds frequently faces challenges such as lag. Virtual Dance is no exception to this, particularly as it involves a lot of scripting and gestures. To assist in the audience’s enjoyment of the show, therefore, patrons attending any presentation of Accept are respectively asked to consider:

  • Arriving early: performances can be held up as a result of a lot of people arriving just before the curtain is due to go up, and who inevitably suffer rendering delays, problems getting voice / audio streaming active, etc. A slightly earlier arrival ensures these things can be dealt with easier and without the fear of missing part of the show
  • reducing lag both in the viewer and on the region where the performance is taking place by: removing any heavily scripted HUDs and other items; wearing lower-prim hair; dispensing with the bling;  turning off nametags / Show Lookat to reduce the number of things your viewer has to process
  • Making sure your mic is off before you arrive, if you use Voice as a part of your SL. If someone obviously not a member of the cast does leave their mic open, the gentle thing to do is to open your “Active Speakers” list or “Nearby Voice” list, select the person, and roll the volume slider at the bottom of the window down and resume your enjoyment of the show
  • Keeping calm: most performances encourage audience reactions in local chat.  It helps the performers know that you are there and having a good time.   However, please save such noisemaking till it is time to applaud
  • Enabling quiet snapshots in your viewer.

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All images courtesy of Fae Varriale


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