Marketplace: new listing categories start rolling-out

I’ve covered the recent focus by the Commerce Team on enhancing Marketplace listing categories, particularly with reference to the contest held in November to encourage feedback on the subject (and which had the winners recently announced).

As of December 20th, the Commerce Team has updated the proposed listing categories to reflect feedback received to date started rolling-out some of the new categories, although it is still not to late for people to have input.

The new Christmas sub-categories
The new Christmas sub-categories

The first two categories to receive updates are:

  • Celebrations / Holidays / Christmas, which gets the following sub-categories:
    • Crhistmas Lights
    • Christmas Trees & Ornaments
    • Men’s Seasonal Apparel
    • Women’s Seasonal Apparel
  • Celebrations / Wedding, which gets the following sub-categories
    • Wedding Decorations
    • Wedding Dresses
    • Wedding Rings
    • Wedding Tuxedos

(Bridesmaid’s dresses is also supposed to be in the Celebrations / Wedding category, but at the time of writing is AWOL from the Marketplace).

In announcing the new sub-categories, the Commerce Team have requested that any further inpute to the new listings should be made no later than January 10, 2013 – so if you do have specific ideas or comments on what is being proposed and haven’t passed them to the Lab, now is the time to do so!

Sadly, no update on the status of ongoing Marketplace issues prior to the Christmas break.