A look back at my SL 2012

In many respects, 2012 has perhaps been my busiest year in SL. This is partly because of the way this blog has gained readership and popularity over the last couple of years, some of which went / goes far beyond anything I’d imagined. Articles-wise, it’s been something of a record with 620 published since January 1st; which given I hit 1000 on this blog this year, and it has been around in its current form since 2009, tends to say a lot (I’m just not sure what, exactly!).

Another reason is that I’ve been reconnecting with some of the things I used to find a lot of fun in SL, and have been fortunate enough to have been introduced to new pastimes. So in addition to my review of the SL year as seen through the pages of this blog, I hope people won’t mind if I’m a little self-indulgent in looking back at some of the things I’ve particularly enjoyed in SL over the year.

Getting back to old pastimes
Getting back to old pastimes

Skydiving was something I used to enjoy a lot in SL, having been a member of several clubs and participated in competitive and team jumps. However, it somehow got left behind at some point; no clear idea why, so it was good to go digging into my inventory and pulling out all the old kit and giving things a go again. I’ve yet to team-up with Ziki and Caliburn; maybe that’ll be something for early 2013…

Only a short step away from skydiving is flying. While I’ve fiddled around with things flight-wise in the past, I’d never seriously given it a go in its own right.

The MM Pitts S2C and a flyby of the Titanic as she steamed through Blake Sea (click to enlarge)

But then, I’d never really bothered to explore Blake Sea and its surroundings, either, until LL presented me with a sailboat and I succumbed to the call of the oceans (of which more anon). I wasn’t sure what to expect, flying-wise, so I initially opted for two freebie offerings from the Marketplace in order to wet my toes a little.

Since then, I’ve gathered a small collection of aircraft (including the brilliant little Warbugs – thank you, Lindall!), but have to admit the Terra Stingray from Steve “Cubey Terra” Cavers is my favourite. It is simply a joy to fly – and the fact that it can operate on and under water makes it as much fun to have as my KR Engineering “Fisher’s Menace” Neuspa. To anyone even remotely considering trying out flying, I cannot recommend the Terra Stingray highly enough.

Terra Stingray: great fun flying
Terra Stingray: great fun flying

I’ve had great fun flying all over the Blake Sea and the surrounding continents over the last few months; when wanted to simply get away from things and enjoy doing something in SL, flying offers a wonderful choice, particularly when you have a very capable aircraft around you like the Stingray, which may not be the fastest going, but which can certainly handle region crossings with aplomb.

Exploring Second Life has given me ample opportunity to try to improve / refining my snap taking techniques. I’m nowhere near the league which includes the likes of Honour Mcmillian, but I’ve tried to improve my snaps from the perspective of framing, windlight, etc, – particularly as I prefer not to post-process.

Calas Galadhon - Dimrill Dale
Calas Galadhon – Dimrill Dale: one of many places I’ve visited over the years and which now help me try to refine and improve my SL snapshot abilities

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