Whiskey’s shots: now to be savoured in real life

I’m going to say this up front: I’m posting this without the subject’s knowledge, because I do know how hard it has been for her to promote herself. I hope she won’t be upset with me for doing so.

I’ll also say that while Whiskey Monday and I don’t know each other in-world, I know her through Twitter and via her blog at Whiskey Shots I have a great affinity with and respect for her views, thoughts and outlook – not because we necessarily have a lot in common, but because every word she uses is beautifully crafted, from the heart and rich with insight and emotion, all of which naturally draw me to her. Whiskey is quite simply, one of the most creative and caring people I’ve ever encountered; and I’m far from alone in saying that.

Whiskey’s heartfelt outlook and creativity also combine in her images, which day after day never fail to stir one’s emotions. They reach well beyond the traditional nature of virtual world images and are works of art, which sit both independently from, and very much a part of, the blog posts with which they appear.

Now Whiskey has – in response to repeated requests from friends – now crossed over the digital divide and is offering her images as fine art prints for sale in real life, supplied through Fine Art America. The images are supplied as high-quality giclee prints on art grade paper, and Fine Art America offer them in a range for formats and finishes, from greetings cards through to full canvas print options, each in a range of sizes and very reasonable prices.

Once Upon a Time – one of Whiskey’s amazing shots, now available through Fine Art America

Each item Whiskey has selected for reproduction has not only been carefully chosen, it has been subject to very careful edited to remove every blemish and unwanted artifact which can otherwise result from tha vagaries of the snapshot floater / viewer image processing (such as the unfortunately tiling lines so common in high-resolution SL photography). The results are, even on the Fine Art America pages, stunning.

Pricing for items is given in local currency (and there is a converter on each page in case the website / your browser hiccups on displaying the required currency), and Fine Art America do ship worldwide. For those worried about their pseudonymity – relax! Fine Art America handle everything directly; as Whiskey herself says, “FAA handles all shipping and handling for me, so I’ll never see your real world or payment information. This seemed the easiest way to make prints available while protecting all of our interests.”

Depth Perception– one of Whiskey’s amazing shots, now available through Fine Art America

The initial set of prints on offer may seem small – but it stands as a huge amount of work on Whiskey’s part to prepare them, not to mention a huge leap of courage to make the crossing as she has. She is planning to expand the set further as time permits. In the meantime, if you are looking for that exception image, be it for a wall or a gift or as a message to send to a loved one / friend, Whiskey’s shots offer a very unique and beautiful way of doing so.

But don’t take my word for it; go see for yourself and read Whiskey’s blog.

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7 thoughts on “Whiskey’s shots: now to be savoured in real life

    1. Thank you :). Congrats again on making the cross-over; your work really does speak volumes and on so many levels. Your own blog is incredible, and I’m already counting pennies and looking at wall space.


  1. So happy to see yet another talent born in virtual evolve to tangible offline revenue and opportunity for such a creative wonder. Not many can breach that transition but I know she will. I really hope this is the tipping point of many wonderful things for Whiskey.

    She more than deserves the recognition and income for her craft and uncommon vision. I hope her friends in social and the blogging community get loud and proud for her. ?I know I will be buying at least one.


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