Runestone: picturesque romance

Runestone is a place I’ve visited on a number of occasions, but have never blogged about. The region is a rustic landscape which can change over time and with seasons, owned and landscaped by Portia Lytton and the Run Keeper’s group. It is open to the public at ground level and offers a picturesque place to visit – particularly with a loved one.


Winter has yet to reach Runestone, and the region is currently in the golden and green shades of autumn – colours which heighten the romantic feel of the place. What you do once you arrive is entirely up to you; whether you opt to keep to the cobble paths which run through the region, spanning stone bridges, or whether you wander at random through tall grass and under the shade of trees, or seek-out places to dance or swing – or simply find somewhere to sit and ponder, Runestone offers you an open invitation to simply relax and enjoy.


The rustic feel of the region is heightened through the use of a number of Maxwell Graf’s excellent range of houses, one of which visitors can also enjoy (including the Greedy Greedy table inside one. For the more energetic, the water-mill offers the chance to knead dough, or there are hidden places to be found.


Runestone, like many places in SL, invites you a fiddle with your windlight presets as well; while the normal day / night cycles is used, the fact that the footpaths are lit by lamps, as are the bridges, tends to encourage one to fiddle around with the time of day slider – which is good, as this also can add to the romantic atmosphere of you so desire. As per usual, I roamed the region, constantly playing with the presets and sliders, looking for options which work and then making a note of them…


There is something of a nautical feel to Runestone as well; to the north-east side of the island a tall ship – one of Lia Woodget’s unmistakable builds  – lies at anchor in the lee of the island, hinting at the location of a hidden horde, while across the water to the north, the sister region of Syrinx has a distinctly piratical feel to it. Parts of this region – also operated by Portia Lytton, appear open to the public, although I confess, I’ve not made the trip over as yet, despite the rowing boat drawn up on the shore (which is actually Syrinx itself, even though it looks to be a part of Runestone – watch out for the line denoting the boundary between the two).

Runestone – looking north to Syrinx

There are lots of places for couple to share their time on Runestone, with love seats, places to dance and so on to be found scattered across the island. There is also much to offer the photographer as well, particularly given the ease with which Runestone allows you to use many different windlight settings, as mentioned above. Should you need a prop or two when taking snaps, rezzing is open – just please remember to pick anything up again once you’ve done with it!


All-in all a delightful place to visit, and a welcome break when otherwise leaping from point to point across the grid.

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  1. Thank you for the very flattering blog post! We love hearing comments from our visitors. We’re now in the process of *winterizing* the sim and hope you come to enjoy skating 🙂

    ~Portia Lytton


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