It’s one hell of a ride…

Update: The Carneval finally closed its doors on May 31st, 2013.

It opened at midnight, SLT on Halloween, and is described thus:

Full of frights and cloaked in shadows, the Carneval stands still, frozen in time. There are whispers and scaretales of its frightening adventures, haunted rides and unparalleled mysteries. Those who seek adventure are encouraged to step right up and prepare for an experience that will leave you begging for more.


Carneval is the latest offering from MeaPea Games who have, over the last four years, gained a well-deserved reputation for developing imaginative (and breathtaking games) and immersive storytelling events. Located on MeaPea Base, Carneval takes you on a ride – in every sense of the word – into the dusty, dim world of a town caught in time, falling into ruin thanks to the ever-present force of a carnival where “scare you to death” isn’t so much a figure of speech as it is an actual goal…


Right from your arrival, you know you are in for something very different. The region windlight setting settled around you, filling the air with a dusty, fog-bound atmosphere through which things slowly appear. Even the entrance warns you that what lies beyond will be very, very, different.

Carneval: Tunnel of Doom

Carneval offers a feast of rides and sideshows and things to see; so much so that it is not a place to visit in a hurry; you need time to both see and experience everything on offer here, both down in the Carneval itself, and up in the local town.

It is also a testament to the skills of the MeaPea Games team. The region is packed with so much – yet the lag is very minimal even with 39 people in it (as there was in my first visit (and I’ve yet to see less than 30 people there over four separate visits), and the rides all tend to run smoothly and without too many bumps and jumps (although the rollercoaster car does sometimes bounce as it moves from (what I think is) mesh section to mesh section).


It is worthwhile following the paths and roads through the build – they’ll lead you up and down and to sights you might otherwise easily miss. Down on the coast are clear signs that while things may appear frozen in time, time itself is perhaps slowly creeping forward as the ferris wheel, long abandoned and canted to one side, appears to be slowly falling apart as the pier beneath it slowly rots away…


Wander into the centre of the Carneval and you’ll find just why it is so …malevolent .. as you come face-to-face with the tentacled Master of Ceremonies.

This is an installation which has all the hallmarks of Madpea products: imagination, flare, passion, joy with the medium of Second Life and, as ever, a delightfully twisted sense of humour. It’s an absolute must-see, and once you do, you’ll be dying to go see it again.

Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the Madness. You’re in for one hell of a ride.


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SL project news: week 44/4: server and viewer news

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Server Deployments, Week 44

There was some confusion on the server channel deployments this week. As reported earlier this week, roll-outs were put back by a day due to issues within LL. This meant that the main channel deployment did not occur until Wednesday 31st October, and the RC channels on Thursday 1st November.

There was further confusion as the main channel had been scheduled to receive the code which had been on BlueSteel and Magnum, but it instead received code which had been on BlueSteel some two weeks ago, and caused some confusion on the Server Deployment forum discussion for the week.

Other than being 24 hours late, the RC releases were more-or-less as planned and previously documented:

  • BlueSteel received the Havok updates deployed to LeTigre, complete with the lHTTPRequest header “fix”
  • Magnum has the Group Services code from Baker Linden for handling the editing and managing of large in-world group lists. The code includes some fixes to problems found in the Snack RC deployment of the Group Services code (again, see part 2 of this report)
  • LeTigre received further updates for the Havok deployment, etc.

In addition, Magnum received a fix for the Estate Tools debug capability to disable collisions. When enabled, the option freezes all physical objects in a region in place and prevents avatars colliding with objects. As such, it is primarily a useful tool when trying to sort-out performance issues or locate and remove unwanted objects (although in the latter case, any TPV with Area Search included can achieve the same result. The option has been broken for some time, and the code deployed to Magnum should fix it.

Also on Magnum, Qie Niangao reported issues which may – or may not – be linked to previously encountered problems with llsensor(). However, it is not clear as to how widespread this might be.

Deployments for Week 45

As they currently stand, the plans for Week 45 (commencing Monday 5th November) are:

  • Tuesday 6th: the Main Channel should get the code currently running on Bluesteel and LeTigre  – so this will be the Havok updates, etc
  • Wedneday 7th:
    • Magnum should get fixes and updates to the code currently running there (including the Group Services code)
    • LeTigre and Bluesteel should get the next bug fix server in the pipeline, which includes the code currently on Magnum, and more.
  • Further details will be available as the release notes are issued

Threaded Region Crossings

This has been a project which has been going on for some time now, with Lindens working on it quietly in the background. As it hasn’t been openly mentioned in User Groups for some time, it had led some commentators to believe the project was no longer being worked on. However, as I’ve commented in these pages (and more recently quoted Baker Linden as commenting on it), the work has been progressing, and may now be nearing the time when it will see greater light of day. As a part of this, it looks like there might be a call for volunteers to participate in a “pile-on” test in the near future, specifically to test whether the new code is easing region crossing issues and generally leading to an improvement.

Avatar Baking

Avatar bake fail

Questions about server-side baking are a common occurrence at OpenDev and TPV meetings.

Currently (and as all too often indicated in these reports!) work is progressing on both sides of the equation within LL, but there is currently little of major impact to report. The emphasis has been on the viewer code (which will be used as the basis for the new Texture Compositing server the Lab will be implementing.

However, it remains that are still  no ETAs on the availability of either the viewer code or the server. The plan, however, remains that TPVs should receive around 2 months notice as to the availability of code for merging into test viewers. Given this, it remains highly unlikely that there will be visible progress with the project before the start of 2013.

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