Commerce Team: upping the tempo with more of the same

Following Rod Humble’s entry into the ongoing Marketplace issues discussion, the Commerce Team have posted an update. At the time of Rod’s entry into the situation, I commented that overall, more than just a stepping up of forum posts is really needed if issues are to be sorted with any degree of satisfaction (and I didn’t just mean the technical issues – I was referring to the entire loss of trust many merchants have with the Commerce Team), then more pro-active steps are need.

Sadly, if the latest update is anything to go by, rather than moving to build bridges, the Commerce Team is simply going to give more of the same.

The update opens with a report on Direct Delivery delivering items “2.3 times faster” than Magic Boxes and at “2.5 times” the success rate. This might be taken as significant but for two things.

  • Many of those hit by the problems remain unable to use Direct Delivery
  • Many of the issues impacting merchants at the moment are occurring regardless as to whether they are using Direct Delivery, Magic Boxes  – or both. Issues such as WEB-4441, for example, which was originally raised in relation to Magic Boxes, but which was opened-out by the Commerce Team to include a number of Direct Delivery issues (WEB-4559, WEB-4570, and WEB-4595) as well (which also served to confuse the purpose of the JIRA).

As such, talk of the “success rate” and “speed” of Direct Delivery is pretty much pointless.

Direct Delivery stats: irrelevant for those experiencing the ongoing Marketplace failures – such as not being able to use Direct Delivery, or facing mechanisms within the Marketplace which are broken regardless of whether or not Direct Delivery is used. (Also: spot the missing line in the comparison)

The rest of the update is, frankly, bland. It offers no more information than previous updates; in fact in some respects it is less informative. At least the previous updates (which appear to have been removed from the forum with the publication of this update) recorded a consistent list of JIRA, allowing merchants to properly identify issues and look them up (all the relevant JIRA remained public access after the switch-over to the Bug Tracker mode in the JIRA system).

The one ray of sunshine in the update is that it would appear that the overcharging for listing enhancements has finally been resolved some 10 days after it was originally reported as fixed. While this is indeed welcome (if correct), it really is overshadowed by the lack of genuine information being provided by the rest of the update.

Of course, keeping people more informed is to be welcomed. However, the key point here is keeping people more informed. That implies passing on meaningful information and making some effort to explain what is going on: what are the priorities, where are the possible bottlenecks in dealing with maters, what has been done to date in order to understand the issues, and so on.  As it stands, it would appear that the Commerce Team’s response to Rod’s comment on “upping the tempo” appears to be “more of the same” in terms of bland summaries – only possibly more frequently.

So far, the update has been met with a deafening silence, which may reflect the fact that it really doesn’t say that much more about core issues than merchants already knew from previous updates.

And while not entirely unexpected, it is nevertheless disappointing. Again withe respect Rod, and to precis my previous post on Marketplace communications:

It’s not just the tempo, Rod, it’s the quality of the information supplied.

5 thoughts on “Commerce Team: upping the tempo with more of the same

  1. There are teething problems and then there are inherent fundamental flaws. This looks like the latter, they should start looking at another solution.


    1. Agreed.

      And matters aren’t helped by pushing out superifical updates on resolution progress which actually say bugger all about what is actually being done. This has been the major frustration for merchants who are experiencing these problems. Communications has been infrequent and vague. That said, the removed updates carried more value than what has been presented in this latest report. Merchants themselves have put forward well-founded requests for more information and details on what and where and how the Commerce Team are doing things, and this (again) fails to deliver anything clost to feedback which is going to either satisify or alleviate worries.

      The pconcern noiw is that this update is so superficial, it’ll simply be ignored by merchants as being of little value, and the CT will retreat into their shell and point to a “lack of response” as reason for doing so.


  2. Chicken Little: OMG! The sky is falling!!! /runsaroundinpanic

    Reactionary government response: Deport all Aliens back to Mars!
    Ineffective government response: Tax holiday on the sale of umbrellas. Stock up now!
    LL style government response: 5 new channels to the cable TV lineup, and all disaster movies have been purged. New Air-Linden shoes to increase running speed.


  3. true on the loss of confidence bit. my own personal worry is how many email notifications i don’t receive, bizarrely usually on my ‘big ticket’ items. i kept hoping this was temporary, but hope is a bit silly. really dealing with the mp failings seems to be a matter of forbearance for now, possibly forever. but yes, direct delivery is faster.


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