Burning it up in the desert

This weekend marks the start of BURN2, the Second Life sister celebration to Burning Man.

Running from October 20th through 28th, BURN2 this year is spread across six regions, again in the familiar desert theme, surrounded by sandy hills that add to the atmosphere of the event. I had the opportunity to preview the regions earlier today, and take a look at what visitors can expect.

The theme for this year’s event is “Fertility”, which echoes the theme of the Burning Man festival in Black Rock City. It explores fertility within the lens of Second Life and is strongly reflected in the works of the invited artists as well as in other installations across the regions.

BURN2 2012

Invited Artists

BURN2 2012 includes the work of five artists as this year’s Invited Artists. They are: Silene Christen, Pallina60 Loon, Fuchsia Nightfire, Nexuno Thespian and  Ub Yifu. I decided to start may wanderings by locating their pieces.

Silene Christen

Silene Christen presents an interactive installation in collaboration with Martazul Zemlja and Emilio Charisma. It is described as, “An alien ship travels the universe collecting specimens of living species. When they saw the strange structures from BURN2, decided to stay and watch”.

Inside the space ship – Silene Christen

Visit Silene Christen at BURN2.

Pallina60 Loon

Pallina60 Loon is well-known for her interactive art pieces, and at BURN” 2012, she presents, “Whoops – a baby!”, which she describes as portraying, “A mother nature that emerges from the arid playa to the BURN2 to play.” In keeping with her work, it is interactive – so dive in!

Whoops … a baby – Pallina60 Loon

Visit Whoops … a baby at BURN2.

Fuchsia Nightfire

Fuchsia Nightfire provides a lush haven of greenery in the midst of the desert as she celebrates the heritage of the Green Man, often associated with fertility, renewal and rebirth, and which has a strong resonance through her native England. Her piece provides a welcome retreat and resting place for people as they travel across the regions, allowing them to be renewed.

Inside The Green Man, BURN2 2012

Visit The Green Man at BURN2.

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3 thoughts on “Burning it up in the desert

  1. I really hope they’re all on the same server version, because LL are messing around with a physics engine upgrade this week. Anything mesh, you just have to take your chances again.


    1. There’s a lot going on across the grid, not only with the Havok upgrade rolled to LeTigre 🙂 – although the Havok update is clearly a problem given different versions really do not like one another.

      Some work has gone into trying to ensure large groups of sims are on the same channel where this is feasible – Blake Sea has apparently all be consolidated (with those regions – six in total, I understand from Andrew Linden – which were on LeTigre being removed to the same channel as the rest of Blake Sea).

      That said, while there are vehicles on the BURN2 regions, I think it safe to say most people move around on foot to take in the overall atmosphere.


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