In memory of Neil Armstrong

Nine summers ago, I went for a visit,
To see if the moon was green cheese.
When we arrived, people on earth asked: “Is it?”
   We answered: “No cheese, no bees, no trees.”
There were rocks and hills and a remarkable view
   Of the beautiful earth that you know,
It’s a nice place to visit, and I’m certain that you
   will enjoy it when you go.

Neil Armstrong, 1978

Neil Armstrong, 1930-2012
First man to walk on the Moon
Missions flown: Gemini 8, Gemini 11, Apollo 11

2 thoughts on “In memory of Neil Armstrong

  1. It was warm the evening that Niel stepped out of the LEM, that grainy image coming 250,000 miles, lighting up nearly every television round the world (and there weren’t many). I watched with my parents as Walter Cronkite (another legend lost to time) reported just about every major and minor event.

    Some things we will never forget. Neil and his huge footprint on the history of the universe being one.


  2. Watching Armstrong walk on the moon is the earliest memory I have. I was three, and can still remember my mother telling me to pay attention to what was happening as it was history.

    God rest, Neil.


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