Mountain Lion issues for SL viewer

An issue has emerged trying to use the Second Life Viewer on Mac systems running OS X 10.8 Mountain Lion.

Notification of the issue has been posted to the Grid Status Page, which reads:

Issues Opening the Second Life Viewer in MacOSX

[Posted 8:30am PDT, 1 August 2012] Some residents may be experiencing problems opening the Second Life Viewer in a MacOSX Mountain Lion environment. This is due to a security feature of this operating system which is misidentifying some programs as potential security risks. While this is not indicative of any actual issues with our software, we are working on an update to our viewer which should address this. In the meantime there are instructions on how to bypass this feature temporarily, as well as an explanation of the cause of this issue, here:

Please note that this is not a problem with the viewer, and that we are not responsible for the workaround above – we are merely providing a link to a possible fix posted by a third party.

If you are experiencing issues using Second Life on Mac OSX, you might try the workaround noted above – but again, please note, as the report states, it is a link from a third-party, and Linden Lab (nor I) cannot be held responsible if the workaround fails or causes other unforeseen issues with your computer.

4 thoughts on “Mountain Lion issues for SL viewer

  1. “Misidentifying some programs as potential security risks?”

    It’s not Apple’s fault if they give you one year of warning that you need to start signing your applications and you ignore them.

    The “workaround” is also a feature of the OS – see Apple’s page on how to override it if you want to not link to random third-party web pages.

    For reference, the fix is a trivial build system change and $99 in Apple’s direction.


    Incompetence abounds!


    1. I’m not Mac expert, so merely pushed the grid status update to help it reach a wider audience. Thanks for the info, however.


  2. I’m seeing what I think might be another issue – depth of field seems to not work right. It blurs only things closer to focal point now, but not further away from. At least in a few tests this morning.


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