SL9B: Crap Mariner’s awesome events schedule

One of the hardest things for people attending an event as big as SL9B is finding out what is going on where and when. Schedules have to be drawn up, spreadsheets made, information sorted and promoted to blog pages –  and that’s even before we get to people finding the information and making use of it.

For SL9B, Crap Mariner has made things a breeze for all, by pulling everything together into a single data table which he has fed into Google Calendar.

The result? A totally spiffy and browsable day-by-day Performance Schedule, which is also being relayed in-world to Codie’s Superboards for the event, which are placed at strategic points around the SL9B regions – and with the organiser’s permission, will be appearing in my (hopefully daily) coverage of the festivities. Here’s what it looks like:

Stage SLurls: Main StageLake StageSunken StageCake StageDJ EgyptAuditorium hub

What’s more, if you click on the Google Calendar icon at the bottom right, you can import the schedule into your own Google Calendar, which allows you to do two things:

  • Display all events times in your local times (rather than SLT) if you wish
  • Easily search for a specific performer by name
Import the schedule to your Google Calendar & search for your favourite performers to find their time / place on stage (note times are displayed in my local timezone – BST), saving me the need to convert from SLT)

A further advantage to this approach is that changes can be made centrally, and then instantly be seen in-world and on blog pages using the calendar feed.

Thanks, Crap for putting this together and furnishing it to the team and to those of us covering the event!

A further word on lag

In my preview on SL9B, I briefly mentioned the issue of lag; I didn’t go into inordinate amounts of detail, as a preview is hardly the place. Lag can result from many different things and there are many myths that have sprung up around the subject over the years – many of which have resulted in people being quick to point the finger at others when they encounter lag (particularly on heavily used sims). However, the inescapable fact is that the biggest portion of lag resides at the user’s end of things. I had intended to cover the subject in more depth with a focus on SL9B. However, Harper Beresford has done so with a very excellent and worthwhile post on the subject on the SL9B blog – and if you are intending on visiting the regions during the course of this week, I thoroughly recommend you give it a read-through in advance.

6 thoughts on “SL9B: Crap Mariner’s awesome events schedule

  1. The real credit for this schedule goes to:

    – All the people who worked hard to hunt down and book performers, sorting through the piles of applications and getting people slotted as best they could at the last minute.
    – The performers themselves for believing in the power of resident-run events, even if the Lab doesn’t believe in it anymore.
    – The sponsors for putting their sims where their hearts are.
    – The stage coordinators and managers who are going to deal with over 400 events where streams need handling and loading
    – Doc, KT, Saffia, Honour, Rails… everyone on the team for putting up with my bull-in-a-china-shop style of solving problems
    – The guys who built these amazing stages (one of which was a last-minute addition that needed filling in a mad scramble)
    – Google for making a great collaborative tool for sharing calendars and events
    – Codie for letting me use her SuperBoard (available at Rouge)
    – The develoeprs of the teleport HUD and board
    – Daniel for posting the SLURLs of the venues
    – Zak for reminding me that sometimes you just gotta step up and get things done.
    – And most of all, everyone who is going to use that resource to find something to do and enjoy this next week.

    Thanks, y’all.


    1. Your points are well-taken. I’m planning on a thank-you post at the end of the event, but people’s hard work and effort does deserve full and proper recognition throughout :).


  2. William Tare Fox and other expressions of amazement…
    I tried to TP into a nearly empty SL9B sim, and got dumped onto a crowded dance-floor 3 regions away.


    1. The regions have been affected by the sheer number of people trying to access them following the opening, and we have had some teleport issues affecting all the SL9B regions. At the last report, LL are themselves investigating issues, and people are working hard to get matters back under control, so we ask that if you are experiencing problems, please be patient.


      1. When I looked at the numbers, some of the SL9B regions were reported as having 60 AVs present.

        Past experience suggests that is a wee bit optimistic a limit. I know the Lindens set lower limits for the “main stage” regions in previous years.

        It was the numbers that led me to aim for the region I did, about half-a-dozen AVs present. What I ended up with was horrible lag, and TP timeouts trying to leave.

        It wasn’t a good start.


        1. There were significant teleport issues due (I understand) to a problem with offsets going awry. Linden Lab were informed of the issue, and were still investigating issues at their end when I had to retire for the night. While it is true that some regions were still affected at that point in time, it is equally true that many weren’t, and people were able to get in and out of a number of parties – including those at the Main, Lake, Sunken and Egypt stages. I’m sorry you had a poor experience to start with. However, this is just the start of the week, and hopefully there will be opportunities for you to visit and enjoy the sims as the week progresses.


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