Kitely rolls to OpenSim, offers NPCs and more

Kitely, the on-demand grid powered by the Amazon cloud continues to develop a-pace. Today, Oren Hurvitz, co-founder of Kitely has announced a significant update, which includes the roll-out of OpenSim

As well as the OpenSim upgrade, the update includes some significant updates in functionality:

  • Mono upgraded to version
  • More OSSL functions have been enabled so that now most functions with a threat level of Low are now supported by default, while functions with a higher threat rating being available to World Managers, including osTeleportAgent (allowing “walk-through” teleports) and osKickAvatar, which have been on the request list from World Managers. The post notes that some of the more dangerous functions remain disabled for everyone
  • OSSL sun position bug fix, so that visitors to a world will now see it as the World Manager / owner intended
  • Server-side Windlight support is now enabled
  • Non-player Character (NPC) support has been enabled.
The update also includes an avatar walk fix, which will be contributed back to the OS community.

All-in-all a great update for the platform, and I’m certainly looking forward to getting the time to play with the Windlight capabilities :).

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9 thoughts on “Kitely rolls to OpenSim, offers NPCs and more

  1. Thank you for reporting on Kitely, Inara. I was only vaguely familiar with this exciting new OpenSim host until reading your previous two posts on them. As a long-time SL user who has been (an almost equally long-time) burned out with LL’s habitual practice of short-sighted oligarchy, I am really interested in Kitely’s approach.

    What do you see Kitely as needing in order to encourage migration to their platform, if you don’t mind my asking? Maybe that would be a great article.


    1. TY, Frank

      I admit to feeling a tad one-sided where OpenSim is concerned – or at least other popular grids such as Avination and InWorldz and OSGrid, as I don’t give them the coverage they deserve (although it’s hard to keep a finger on the pulse of everything).

      Kitely fascinates me chiefly because its operating model is so unique, and I’m really curious as to how that grows. It’s also a platform that seems to sit in that niche between “walled” environments and OpenSim as a whole, which I think is actually a good place to be.

      As to encouraging migration – I’m not sure it is my place to teach Ilan and Oren to suck eggs :). What they are doing would seem to be the right approach: developing a good, solid platform with some unique touches which is competitively pitched to users on pricing, while maintaining a relatively low-key approach to marketing and growth that avoids the risk of boom-and-bust.


      1. Thank you Inara 🙂

        Up next: several user-requested features including inworld groups support and replacing existing worlds with new uploaded OAR files (so people will be able to upload newer OAR versions without having to create new worlds and losing their existing world pages’ Likes, description, etc.).


      2. Inara, thanks for taking the time to cover the topics you do, in such great detail! Yes, I would adore seeing more about OpenSim–and Kitely in particular, as it does pique my interest for the same reasons as it seems to for you. But I’m guessing you have no shortage of topics to draw from, so requests from fans like me are probably not necessary. 😉

        Ilan, I really commend you for being so proactive in your outreach efforts. This speaks volumes of the people behind the company when your potential users (that’d be me) get glimpses of your personality. This is a definite confidence builder!

        You will both be seeing more of me, lurking around the Kitely sites.


  2. I think is really the fast and easy way to have a place that we can call home!
    And i really enjoy the fact that we can easily teleport to another region via the website or as useal, in world using the regular map!
    I logged with Firestorm, Imprudence v1.4, Singularity without problems (Just needed to follow the steps to create kitely grid on imprudence and Singularity).
    So far i just could not figure how to (is already available or will never be?) hypergrid from My OSG regions to the kitely ones and to be honest to soon to move to a full membership plan (when i think im spending more just to have 1 homestead then i could to have 100 full regions per month, it seems the obvious choice to take!)
    But i strongly believe Kitely already made its mark in virtual worlds and Saphyre Castle Pg region on OSGrid is already there as well to any that wishes to visit!


  3. Thank you foneco 🙂

    We haven’t turned on Hypergrid functionality yet as we want to make sure it respects content permissions before we do. Hypergrid 2.0 is planned to add this capability (see ) but may take a long time to be rolled out in a release version of Opensim so we may do something similar to what we did with OAR file exporting in the interim period (see: ).

    However, before we can get around to implementing Hypergrid content security, we want to add several other highly-requested features. For example, we are now working on adding: inworld groups (which will also be used as another option in your worlds’ access control lists); automatic (optional) disconnecting of idle users (so, for example, parked avatars won’t waste your KC if you generously allow them to visit at your expense); overwriting an existing world with a new OAR file (so you’ll be able to easily update builds you develop elsewhere); and more.

    BTW, in case you missed it, you can configure which viewer Kitely will run in your account’s Settings page (Imprudence is supported by our plugin so you don’t have to use the manual login option to use it).


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