The obsession continues…

I’ve blogged extensively about my love of Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater, and my attempt to develop a personal interpretation in Second Life. At the time, I was rather pleased with the result, even though elements of the build had to be altered in order for it to fit into a 1/4 sim space – the house really requires an entire region, and that’s not something I’m prepared to invest in within SL; the tier is simply too high.

However, I recently joined Kitely, and as a part of that process gained an entire region for myself, and 100,000 prims to play with – and the perfect opportunity to reproduce Fallingwater in a location more in keeping with the original.

Fallingwater in Kitely, April 15, 2012: “By day…” (click to enlarge)

The work is still ongoing, but I’m already well pleased with what I’ve achieved so far. The recent updates to Kitely have been a joy; not only have I been able to rapidly zap between worlds to grab fixtures and fittings I didn’t want to get caught-up with making, the fixes to the scripting end of Kitely mean I can now employ my usual scripted lighting. This may add a little to the processing overhead, but I hope it gives a much greater depth to the build – as I hope the night shots I’ve taken demonstrate.

Fallingwater in Kitely, April 15, 2012: “…and by night” (click to enlarge)
The Great Room by night, April 15, 2012 (click to enlarge)
As it looked in Second Life, squeezed into a quarter-sim

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ETA: should have said: all daytime images taken using Firestorm, with deferred rendering enabled and lighting & shadows on, Windlight set to Dynamic Richness. Night images taken with Sun set to Midnight, deferred enabled and lighting & shadows enabled. 

Scripted lighting effects produce best results with deferred rendering active.  

24 thoughts on “The obsession continues…

    1. TY 🙂

      Believe it or not… I’ve only just discovered the Flickr slideshow option *facepalms*


    1. TY. I’m just terrified if I keep going on about it, I’ll drive people up the wall … and quite possibly half-way across the ceiling … Sunday insecurities are a wonderful thing. Aren’t they?


  1. I’m so happy for you that you now have the room and prim count to do your magnificent obsession justice. I don’t know if my Kitely acct is still active but I’ll re-sign if I need to to come see it when you are done.

    I am sure Mr. Wright would be thrilled 🙂


    1. Thank, Maria!

      Can’t take credit for the slideshow. Windlight presets in the Viewer do most of the work & Flickr handles the show :).


    1. I’ll re-post the region details once I’ve made a few further nips and tucks & applied new ceilings texture. 🙂


    1. It will be, inasmuch as Kitely uses the OpenSim architecture, and while it is not on the immediate horizon (Ilan and Oren are wisely taking a step-by-step approach to developing the platform), Kitely will at some point be Hypergrid capable.

      However, I have no plans to reproduce the build anywhere else beyond Kitely.


  2. As soon as hypergrid works there i’d love to check it for sure!
    In fact i’ve joined Kitely myself, even uploaded a oar but cant figure how to login into my wold (but my falut for not trying hard, with OSG regions to build on, exploring the amazing ones already there, SL still offering as much, is hard to do all!)


    1. The best way to access Kitely is via the website – but visiting a World Page and clicking ENTER WORLD. The first time you do this, you’ll be prompted to install the Kitely Viewer plug-in that allows you to use one of a number of supported Viewers (Firestorm being the default). You can change the default Viewer via your SETTINGS page.

      Installing the plug-in is a one-time task and makes accessing Kitely a breeze.

      If you wish to manually configure a Viewer to work with Kitely, make sure you following Oren’s notes at the bottom of this blog post.

      I’ve used both methods with no hitches.


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