Marketplace: LL updates further, but communications hardly “regular”

Linden Lab has issued a further brief update about the on-going Marketplace issues, to whit:

Today we updated Marketplace to address two of the top three outstanding issues:

  • WEB-4580: purchases are now delivered to recipients with the inventory name (which does not allow unicode characters). This will prevent future orders from getting stuck in the Being Delivered state due to this issue. In addition, all orders affected by this problem have been pushed through.
  • WEB-4587:  updates have been made to support updating store search results, which we will process over the next week; we continue to work on the issue related to mismatched data on listings. We do know that this issue has existed since September 2010 (during the migration from Xstreet to the Second Life Marketplace).

We continue to work on the other Marketplace JIRAs and will provide additional updates as soon as possible.

Menwhile, Rodvik has stepped in to defend how matters have been handled in terms of communications, stating on Twitter:

While it is true that the Commerce Team clearly engaged with individuals experiencing problems through the medium of e-mail exchanged, it is nevertheless also true that feedback on this matter in the broader sense has been severely lacking from the Lab, with little or nothing being posted to either the main forum thread on the WEB-4587 issues or the JIRA itself. This left many merchants both frustrated and feeling as if they’d been abandoned, while those who had received some feedback from the Lab via e-mail tried to pass on the information to a wider audience in lieu of LL doing so.

It is good that progress is being made – but equally, it would be nice if LL would do more to keep users openly informed. As those responding to Rodvik’s tweets note:

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4 thoughts on “Marketplace: LL updates further, but communications hardly “regular”

  1. You know, what’s so sad is that I’m not even a merchant. I’m a customer. It’s frustrating as hell for me; it must be totally devastating for those selling on the Marketplace.


    1. Agreed.

      I’m a merchant – but, touch wood, unaffected by either the listing issues or problems with Direct Delivery (or none that I’ve noticed in the case of the latter) – yet it has been a source of concern / upset to me. I normally support Rod Humble, but in this issue – and in LL’s track record of direct communications with its user base as a whole – he is way off-base.

      And that’s also something I find sad.


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