Pathfinding: Main grid beta commences

Coming on top of the request for region owners to involve themselves in pathfinding testing on the Main grid (Agni), Linden Lab has announced a broader public beta being commenced on Agni, using fifteen of specially configured sandboxes:

Note that access to the four Snack regions is dependent upon joining the Second Life Beta group.

Looking across Limia and Arowana: suitable for pathfinding vehicle testing on land / water

Pathfinding Viewer

Beta tester will require the Pathfinding Project Viewer, of which two variants are available:

Formal Call to Region Owners

Owners for full regions can still involve themselves in the beta. Those wishing to do so are requested to:

  • E-mail from the e-mail address associated with your account
  • Include your account name and region you want added to the beta.

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