Call for Imprudence volunteers – meeting this weekend

When the decision to proceed with the development of Kokua was made, a problem remained for the Kokua / Imprudence team in how to support those users in the wider metaverse who still prefer to use – or even rely on – Imprudence. While the team hoped to be able to bring the 1.4 release of Imprudence to maturity, it was noted that this would only be done if it did not impact work on Kokua.

Following on from this, Onefang Rejected, aka David Seikel who is known to many as the developer of the Meta-Impy Viewer (itself based on Imprudence 1.4) stepped forward with a stated desire to continue Imprudence development.

As a result of Onefang’s willingness to volunteer himself, the Kokua team have opted to bring him into the fold as a team member, where he can hopefully build and lead an Imprudence-focused team that will work alongside of, but independently from, the core Kokua team.

To help establish this new Imprudence team, the Kokua / Imprudence project has put out a call for volunteers, requesting that anyone interested in getting involved in Imprudence as a  developer or tester or some form of support category put themselves forward. Those wishing to join the team are asked if they can attend the next All Hands meeting, which will be devoted to Imprudence and its future.

As ZATZAI (Sean Greyhound) put it in the Kokua blog, “This will not be a ‘reboot’ of the project but a continuation. So for all of you out there who lamented the ‘death’ of Imprudence, here is your chance. Join us this Sunday, be you a potential developer or tester and help us to bring Imprudence into the future alongside Kokua.”

The meeting will take place at the usual time and venue: 12:00 midday SLT (20:00 GMT), Sunday February 26th at the Hoagie sim of the 3rd Rock Grid. Requests for further information should be directed to the Kokua / Imprudence blog.