LL Launch “New Year, New You” L$5000 competition

The Lab has entered into the spirit of New Year with an avatar makeover competition with a L$5000 first prize, plus runners-up prizes.

The announcement reads, in part:

An Image is Worth a thousand words – and sometimes it can be worth L$5000, too! Out with the old and in with the new – show off your dramatic Second Life makeovers with a before-and-after picture that highlights a new look you will be rocking this year in Second Life. There will be one grand prize winner (L$5000) and three runners-up (L$1000 each). Think of all the shopping you can do with that kind of allowance!

And goes on:

How to participate: Take a before and after image of your virtual makeover. It’s as easy as taking your before snapshot and placing it on a prim, then stand in front of it with your new look and taking another snapshot, or stitching together two images – one of you before your Second Life makeover, and one after. Save the image to your computer so you can upload your submission for the contest. Keep an eye out for the contest to go live in the People Forum.

The winners will be on the basis of popular voting by users – with only one vote per avatar. Entries will be available for viewing from today through to the 18th January.

Those wishing to enter need to visit the “New Year, New You!” Picture Contest Wiki page. There’s also a link to the Knowledge Base article on taking good snapshots in SL.

…such a shame I completed my make-over in 2010; ah well, I can still be self-indulgent and publish a “before” and “after” set of pictures!

Me: before and after my 2010 makeover


Several people have IM’d me (and one has commented here) that they’ve been unable to submit entries, as the NEW ENTRY button on the contest pages is greyed-out, and they get a message “Sorry, you do not have permission to post media to this contest”.

If this happens to you, you need to sign-in to the forum pages (user name and password), using the link at the top right of the page (see below).

You’ll need to be logged-in to add your entry

Once you’ve logged-in, the button will be enabled, and you should be able to post your entry.

8 thoughts on “LL Launch “New Year, New You” L$5000 competition

  1. It doesn’t let me participate, “Sorry, you do not have permission to post media to this contest” without any further reason given.
    That really takes the fun out of it 😦


    1. Have you signed-in to the Forum itself?

      You need to do so (top right of the page) in order to enable the New Entry button.


      1. I was autologged in via my the homepage. But I found out, I had to make at least one contribution in the forum, after that it worked.

        They could make a note in the rules about that…


        1. Sometimes the single sign-on doesn’t (if you follow my meaning).

          Even when logged in elsewhere to various other parts of the website, you can still find you have to log-in to specific areas when you actually want to do something….

          Anyway, glad it is sorted, and you’re not alone. I had a couple of in-world IMs on the same issue, so I’ve added a piece to the article.


  2. Well I don’t change my shape never!
    Same with my skin!
    Still i believe i’m in!
    If it’s the look, then as i make at least a new full outift per day, i guess i’ll just use the 1 i made last night;)


  3. This caused me to take another look back at where I was at the start of 2011, and where I am now – and I’ve found I ended up making a lot of changes to my look over the last year. Dug around and found a screenshot from April, and put it up there next to one from last night.

    Added a few more into my blog showing some points along the way.

    Contests like this are fun even you don’t stand a chance of winning. 😉

    Its always interesting to look back and see where you’ve been going with things.

    That said they should have frozen voting until after they locked submissions. Instead both voting and submissions will be going on right to the end on the 18th.


    1. Agree on all points – especially where the voting is concerned.

      I looked back over my SL times a while back, and was surprised at how much / how little my avatar has changed over the years here. 2010 marked my biggest makeover. As it stands, the look I have now is the one I feel most “at home ” in, as (for me at least) it reflects different aspects of my personality *and* is an expression of things I love as well.


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