Viewer 3 release: snapshot floater in and installer fixed

Viewer 3 has had a release slipped out. Version, dated December 8th, brings with it the long-awaited (for those not using a recent TPV or either the Beta or Development versions) updated snapshot floater, allowing you to send snapshots directly to your web profiles feed.

I’d actually missed this release, if it did surface around the 8th, which is a little ironic, as I’ve been trying to keep a weather eye on Viewer 3 updates, but admittedly have had my attention elsewhere in the run-up to Christmas and also trying to put a few upcoming blog posts in order as well.

Installer loses Viewer number

Another change that should make Tateru a little happier 🙂 – is that the installer now simply calls the Viewer the “SecondLifeViewer” (on Windows at least, I can’t speak for other O/s versions of the Viewer) and installs into a folder of that name – the version number is now gone. I can’t speak for the issues on disconnects or those of grpahics issues, but I am assuming it has the OpenGL fixes included (which would, I believe, roughly fit the release date).

Sadly, the click-to-walk still results in mouse steering being, as we say in England, arse-backwards.

I’ve not looked too deeply at the release for other updates, but those using it should have been prompted to update if running an older version; although (again with Windows release at least), because of the install location name change, you need to uninstall the prior version yourself afterwards.

Snapshot floater makes it to a release version of the Viewer, complete with profile feed option


2 thoughts on “Viewer 3 release: snapshot floater in and installer fixed

  1. Since this release my screen goes completely blank (and the PC is unusable until I reset it) whenever I have “Lighting and Shadows” checked for a short while. If I leave that box unchecked I can be in-world for hours with no problem; but checking it sets (whatever) clock ticking and sooner than later I hear a “click” and the monitor shuts off. Every new release there’s SOMETHING interfering with picture taking [sigh]. We are very mashochistic, we SL-loving lot. 😀


    1. Ugh.

      I only gave snapshots a rapid-fire go, and haven’t experienced any graphical issues – but then I don’t actually use V3 full-time. That said, I completely avoided OpenGL issues when others were suffering, but *am* finding TPVs that have the “fix” to now be problematic for me; so I agree on your masochistic comment :), although I’m sticking to non-fix versions where I can!

      Niran’s Viewer should be hitting Release status soon – that is one Viewer I’m really looking forward to playing with, as the Beta was stunning, and I know from having chatted at length the NiranV that there is a lot going into the release version that could well make it awesome. My only problem there is, it tends to completely slaughter my graphics card! However, if you have a solidly-spec’d machine and are into photography, it might be the Viewer to take a look at. I’ll be covering it in-depth upon its release.


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