Kirstens: “And finally…”

The crowdfunder effort to keep Kirsten’s Viewer alive did not reach the required target of £25,000.

Kirstenlee (Lee Quick) posts a sad message today on the subject, confirming that the end of the road has now been reached, saying:

I will no longer have the time ( or inclination ) to develop any more, on January the 1st I start a new job, and will be busy looking after my nearest and dearest.

Given all they are facing, a move back to England, getting into a new home, Dawny’s health and the need for full-time work, one cannot help but extend both Lee and Sylvia (Dawny) love and best wishes.

It’s easy to dwell on what might have been in terms of the crowdfunding effort, and not to feel regret that Kirsten’s Viewer will not longer be under development. However, I’d like to remember some of what Kirsten’s gave us.

It may not have been my primary Viewer, but it was the one I always looked to when I wanted to take really good photos in SL – simply because it was so good, it made anything I took look good.

It was the first Viewer (indeed, the only Viewer for a long time) on which I could experience shadows in SL.

Kirsten’s goes V2

It was the first Viewer to demonstrate what Viewer 2 could have been and that the V2 UI could actually be made into something usable.

It was the first Viewer to give us DoF in a usable degree and the first hybrid TPV to bring us both mesh rendering and mesh uploads.

Kirsten’s and mesh

It remains the most comprehensive viewer made available for photography and machinima.

Kirsten’s goes 3D

It was the first – only, to date – Viewer that dared to go 3D.

To Kirsten and Dawny, and on a personal note, I hope that Second Life continues to bring you both fun, friendship and enjoyment throughout 2012, and I’d like to wish both Lee and Sylvia a happy and bright Christmas and a prosperous and healthy 2012.

Thank you to both of you, and to everyone involved in Kirsten’s Viewer.

Phoenix / Firestorm Q&A, December 17th, 2011- video

On Saturday December 17th, a Phoenix / Firestorm Q&A was held at the Rockcliffe University regions, where Jessica took questions on both Viewers from the audience and which had been posted beforehand either to her directly, or via the Phoenix blog.

Jessica and host Nigma Sterling at the Q & A session

The event, hosted by Nigma Sterling, was recorded for those who could not attend, and the video has now been released on YouTube. The video is some 2hrs 30 mins long, and covers a lot of ground.

This is an honest and open response to the many criticisms the team have faced from their user community, and for those that have concerns about Phoenix and / or Firestorm it is a worthwhile spending time watching it.

I’ve not been privy to much of the situation that is alluded to in the video – the heated discussions regarding Phoenix and the perceptions that the team are somehow “abandoning” their users in “forcing” them into the V3 world through Firestorm – and i’m not about to embroil myself in it.

However, I do emphasise very much with Jessica and the team – indeed with all TPV developers in that they all face a difficult hill to climb, whether they are attempting to stay current and work within the constraints of the new Viewer code base or whether they are trying to work within the constraints of a code base (Viewer 1) that has been effectively frozen by LL for a year now, and which LL have themselves indicated is only going to get more and more broken as time goes on.

It’s a thankless task, however you look at it, and one that is never going to please everyone, be it for genuine technical issues or simply because of people’s unwillingness to take the time to work with a new UI. This being the case, I’m going to take a moment and lift a metaphorical glass of mulled wine to all TPV developers and say “thank you” for all of your efforts over the years.

Sadly, I cannot embed the Phoenix / Firestorm Q&A, as it is locked from doing so. However, you can see it here.