Grid Status: a letter to Santa Linden

Santa Linden
North Linden Pole
Second Life

Dear Santa Linden

I know that at this time of year you have much to do, but I would like to make two little requests – if not for Christmas, then for the New Year.  

Can we please have in-world notifications of grid issues, the commencement of maintenance tasks and so on returned to Second Life?

And could you please add the Grid Status list to the Viewer log-in screen, which is now being used by several popular TPVs as well as your own?

Yes, Santa, I know I’ve been going on and on about these things to Uncle Rodvik and Uncle Viale most of the year; and I also know that JIRAs on both notifications and the Grid Status have languished unloved, unwanted and unwatched for a long time, so you may not think them important.

I also understand that you and all your Linden Elves do work very hard to keep the grid running smoothly, but that sometimes there are Things You Have To Do to keep it going, and other Things That Need Attention, and these can make things go a bit bumpity.

But you see, you’ve given us the means to jump in and be a part of a rich, immersive world, so it’s not easy keeping one eye on what goes on in-world and one eye on a Grid Status webpage – even for those who are lucky enough to have two monitor screens. So wouldn’t it be so much nicer if you provided everyone with the means to see what is going on, either when they are in-world or as they are about to log-in?

So please, Santa Linden, I know it’s sometimes hard to think of the little gifts when you have so many big, bright, shiny and exciting things to bring to us all in 2012, but doing this would be so helpful with all the users in the world and perhaps even help us not to feel so Grumpy when bumpity things start to happen. So would you do it?

Pretty please?

With love and kisses,

Inara ♥