Rodvik talks about Birthdays and Second Life

I’ve not had time to flick around SL8B today – real life has kept me occupied. However, Massively did get a superb interview with Rodvik Linden, and posted it to You Tube. So, to make up for my own lack of effort, here’s the piece for your enjoyment:

SL8B Day 4: Highlights


The Magic of Perception. Albert Einstein said, “Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a persistent one.” Experience the various levels of reality and expand your own consciousness by visiting this experimental build.

Exploring the Magic of Perception

Inside Art is an interactive art gallery, where you’ll find layered 3D layered pictures. Each one has a pose or animation that when sat in immerses you magically into the image.

Getting Inside Art


The Printers of the Mind celebrates the 450-year history of the art of printing and its rebirth in Second Life through the recreation of the printing presses and printing technology of the past. Learn about the history and art of printing, and to view the presses that brought literacy, information, literature and, perhaps, even freedom to the world.

Virtual Printers of the Mind

The Magic of Storytelling. An epic and magical book — Herman Melville’s “Moby Dick”— is used to celebrate live storytelling in SL. This book rests on a massive maritime stand, from which protrudes the podium from the story (made from the bow of a whaling ship). Readers can conduct a marathon “tag-team” style reading of Moby Dick to entertain book lovers at SL8B.

The Magic of Storytelling

FedoraJones Popstar

The evening was rounded-out by a set from FedoraJones Popstar. I have to admit, I’ve never heard him before – but I’m sold. He delivered a range of songs with skill, verve and oodles of fun.

I also envy him his hats. Not that I can wear any in SL. I look seriously silly in them.

Of course, a lot of people were there as Rodvik Linden was due to put in an appearance, but that gave me time to mingle with friends and to spot others as they enjoyed the show.

People like the ever-courteous Lord of Dee, Mr. Ciaran Laval; if you don’t already read his blog, you really should. The same goes for Daniel Voyager, who has a unique perspective on SL, having originally joined via the teen grid, and has an excellent blog full of all the goings-on in SL.

Ciaran Laval with some blogging bint (left) and Daniel Voyager (right)

I also managed to pick out Anne O’Toole as well, looking somewhat anime-ated, and literally bumped into the delightful Ahuva Heliosense.

Anne (left) and Ahuva (right)

Sadly, I had to curtail my time at FedoraJones’ set, as Firestorm would appear to have a problem with crowds, and unceremoniously dumped me out of Second Life and then refused to play nicely until I’d teleported home.

Neverthless, another fun day, capped off with a truly memorable appearance by Rodvik!

SL8B: Rocket Man

So, I was a little disappointed that Rodvik wouldn’t be speaking at SL8B. Then I figured that as he’s appearing when FedoraJones is on the main stage, maybe we’d get a duet, or I’d at least get to see the fabled toga for myself.

But in the end, we were treated to none of the above – no talk, no toga, no songs. Instead we got and ultra-cool Rodvik “Rocket Man” Linden.


Yes, Rodvik arrived wearing a spiffy spaceship avatar, which I managed to catch as he headed towards the Main Stage as FedoraJones was starting on his set. Arriving stage-side, Rodvik commented wryly, “Heh, I should probably ghave changed av’s,” to me as he proceeded to fly around the stage auditorium, mingling with the crowd.

“Heh, I should probably ghave changed av’s”
Rodvik proves a hit with the smaller members of the community

For the next half-hour, Rodvik mingled with those celebrating SL’s eighth birthday, chatting here and there, avoiding walls, boogie-ing around  – or as he put it, “Dancing with my afterburner!” and describing his little ship as having, “Power seats and nanorobots ready to run amok and take over the galaxy. usual stuff :0”!

Of course, with the CEO of LL making good on the dance floor, it was hard not to resist doing a Hamlet…

“Here I am at SL8B, with Linden Lab CEO, Rodvik Linden…”

I also couldn’t resist passing a comment on duets,

Inara Pey: There was I, hoping you’d be on stage singing with FedoraJones!

Rodvik Linden: Dream on :O

Well – what is Second Life if not for dreaming? And that is really what the magic is all about – given wings to our imaginations and desires and creativity and giving them flight in incredible ways. Even in cute little spaceship-style avatars.

Kudos, Rodvik, again, for joining in and demonstrating how much you do grok Second Life!

Rodvik rules the airways!