SLCC 2011 Opens Registrations

SLCC 2011, to be held in Oakland, California, has opened registrations. The event will be held from the 12 through 14th August and I shall once again not be attending. Sorry, but California at the height of the holiday season in the northern hemisphere is not an economical destination.

Apparently, the event will be held on the East Coast on even-numbered years from next year (Boston, to be precise). Again, this isn’t always a particularly low-cost destination from Europe – but it is a bloody sight cheaper than California can be in August. One cannot deny it’s good to see an unbending of the “California only” mentality that seems to have pervaded SLCC up until now. I also happen to love New England, and I’ve always enjoyed time spent in Boston; so maybe next year will be the year in which I actually surprise myself and join the event.

In the meantime, here’s the home page link for the conference.

Livin’ the 3D Sec’ Life

Klee 3D

Kirstenlee’s Viewer has always been bleeding edge; it is the Viewer for the serious SL photographer and Machinimaist.

At the end of May, the Viewer took another leap forward as it went…3D!

I hadn’t been able to test it myself, due to a lack of any appropriate glasses. However, a trip to the local cinema solved that problem, so this afternoon I got to have a paddle with it.

The first thing I will say is that my PC is not top-of-the-line, nor is my graphics system. That said, it handles shadows reasonably OK, if with something of a performance hit, so I was pretty sure 3D would work – and it did! I’ll be honest, there was a performance hit (GeForce 9800 card with 1 Gb, btw, running with a Q6600 2.63 Mhz processor & Win 7 32), but it was nowhere near as massive as when enabling shadows. My normal 40-50fps tumbled to around 25-28. The glasses I have from the cinema perhaps weren’t the greatest (after all, your supposed to be sitting tens of feet from a big screen when wearing them, not sitting a dozen nose lengths away from a table-top screen), but with some jiggling of the sliders, I got a reasonably impressive result and spent 20 minutes bimbling around my sky platform.

Given my GPU / CPU, I didn’t hold out too much hope of running shadows and 3D effects – and I was right. While both enabled, I was left with a frame rate of 1 fps. Erp, as the spokesperson once said, but not surprising.

The only real problem I had lay with the fact that while the in-world view was 3D, my HUDs weren’t – and the colour separation on them was appreciable to the point of making text illegible.

The 3D controllers can be found in the PREFERENCES -> VIEWER -> MISC tab, and comprise a check box to enable and a couple of slider controls – adjust with care. If you try it, be aware that the Build 8 Viewer is experimental and may do Unpredictable Things.

As photos don’t really do the 3D justice, here’s a video made by Chantal Harvey showing off the results:

S21 Build 8 is currently only available in for Windows; Mac and Penguin versions to follow.

SL8B: of Dates and Denizens

It’s courted controversy; it’s been met with everything from joy to indifference, with a fair measure of consternation. But from Monday of next week SL’s eighth birthday celebration kick-off.

The SL8B official blog is still pretty light of any meat on the celebrations (what is going on? Anything?) – which kind-of makes it hard to stir up the “whoopie!” factor.

Some dates have been released on the SL official blog, but even these are pretty lightweight, comprising:

  • Kim Linden’s opening address at 11:00am SLT on the 20th
  • Rodvik’s appearance on the main stage at  3:00pm SLT on the 23rd
  • Err, that’s it.

There is apparently a “press preview” on the 18th – and one assumes it will be open to members of the SL Press Corps (that’s what we’re here for, right? To report on things going on in SL?); but event that is bereft of any details such as “when” and “where” – making it kind-of hard to plan on being there. If it is left to an 11th hour Press Corps Group Notice for the details to be supplied, I’ll be sorely disappointed.

On a broader front, I appreciate that we still have a couple of days to go before everything kicks-off, and that the “special celebrations” don’t take place until the 23rd – so there is still time to “get the news out”. Nevertheless, the lack of any real calendar of activities at this point in time runs the risk of the entire event passing most people by – which has, if I’m honest, frequently been the case in previous years.