SL8B: Rocket Man

So, I was a little disappointed that Rodvik wouldn’t be speaking at SL8B. Then I figured that as he’s appearing when FedoraJones is on the main stage, maybe we’d get a duet, or I’d at least get to see the fabled toga for myself.

But in the end, we were treated to none of the above – no talk, no toga, no songs. Instead we got and ultra-cool Rodvik “Rocket Man” Linden.


Yes, Rodvik arrived wearing a spiffy spaceship avatar, which I managed to catch as he headed towards the Main Stage as FedoraJones was starting on his set. Arriving stage-side, Rodvik commented wryly, “Heh, I should probably ghave changed av’s,” to me as he proceeded to fly around the stage auditorium, mingling with the crowd.

“Heh, I should probably ghave changed av’s”
Rodvik proves a hit with the smaller members of the community

For the next half-hour, Rodvik mingled with those celebrating SL’s eighth birthday, chatting here and there, avoiding walls, boogie-ing around  – or as he put it, “Dancing with my afterburner!” and describing his little ship as having, “Power seats and nanorobots ready to run amok and take over the galaxy. usual stuff :0”!

Of course, with the CEO of LL making good on the dance floor, it was hard not to resist doing a Hamlet…

“Here I am at SL8B, with Linden Lab CEO, Rodvik Linden…”

I also couldn’t resist passing a comment on duets,

Inara Pey: There was I, hoping you’d be on stage singing with FedoraJones!

Rodvik Linden: Dream on :O

Well – what is Second Life if not for dreaming? And that is really what the magic is all about – given wings to our imaginations and desires and creativity and giving them flight in incredible ways. Even in cute little spaceship-style avatars.

Kudos, Rodvik, again, for joining in and demonstrating how much you do grok Second Life!

Rodvik rules the airways!