SL8B Day 2: Highlights

The Humble Prim

With Mesh on the way, CHUCKMATRIX Clip presents a magnificent homage to the humble prim, a stunning sculpture that grows from a humble prim sphere into a full-blown man. The photos don’t do it justice – this is a “must see”.

Magnificent Builds

SL8B is full of some magnificent builds. Zun Sahara’s Phoenix House being one of them.

Another build I was drawn to was Giantfar Peaks, a celebration of medieval / fantasy role-play in Second Life.

There is also the collaborative build by Groll Greggan and Colemarie Soliel at the Machinarium, coincidentally featured in today’s main blog entries on the SL8B blog.

The REAL Magic of SL

Kirstenlee Cinquetti is well-known for the S19-S21 range of Second Life Viewers (with S21 being own of my two favourite Viewers). At SL8B she lifts the lid on the real magic of SL, by showing us just how the Viewer really works! An amusing and fun-to-see / be-a-part-of exhibit.

The engine that powers the Viewer…
…which puts you in Second Life!

Transform Yourself

One of the odder exhibits at SL8B is Times Sands’ Avatar Transformation Chamber, wherein you can enjoy something of a psychedelic experience, which starts out normally enough as you climb the stars – but step across the threshold…

Transformer: On the outside (l); with the camera outside, looking in (c); with the camera inside with me (r) (click to enlarge)