SL Scripters / creators: LSL XML-RPC shut-down

via Linden Lab

Further to comments passed at the March 21st Simulator User Group, Signal Linden has formally announced the shutting-down of the LSL XML-RPC functionality.

A method for enabling communication between remote systems and LSL scripts, LSL XML-RPC has been deprecated since the introduction of HTTP-In back in 2009. As noted at the SUG meeting and again in Signal’s post, requests using LSL XML-RPC have dwindled to just a few dozen requests per hour.

As a result:

  • Rather than use development resources into maintaining it, LL would prefer to focus their resources on developing new features.
  • Recommend that those users / creators with functionality that depends on XML-RPC, migrate your scripts and supporting services to the more secure HTTP-In.

To allow time for those still using LSL XML-RPC to ensure their scripts are properly migrate their scripts, and to ensure there are no services users may have forgotten about and which might otherwise break if LSL XML-RPC were simply shut-down, the following time frame for the terminating use of the functionality.

  • April-May 2023: one or more unannounced circuit-breaker exercises will be performed by temporarily blocking incoming LSL XML-RPC traffic. This will give residents and Lindens a chance to experience XML-RPC shutdown and perform any required corrective actions (Upgrading scripts to HTTP-In, etc.) before permanent shut down.
  • June 1st, 2023: incoming LSL XML-RPC traffic will be permanently blocked.

For further information, please refer to Signal’s blog post. Questions / concerns about this move can be raised at any Simulator User Group meeting. These are held every Tuesday at 12:00 noon SLT, at Simon Linden’s meeting place. I will also update status in my weekly SUG summaries.





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