Scare Me Silly 2022 in Second Life

Scare Me Silly 2022

Scare Me Silly 2022, in support of the American Diabetes Association (ADA), opened its doors on Friday, October 14th, 2022, and will remain open through until October 31st.

Now in in its 7th year, the event is organised by Team Diabetes of Second Life, the event features live performances. DJ parties, a hunt and a quest, tricks and treats, a haunted mansion, ghostly rides and – of course – shopping!

Participating merchants this year comprise:

!Firelight!!, .catori., DBS DesignsBySoosy, Afantasy, Angel Fae, Boutique, ARCUS, ART & FASHION, Artisan Antiques, BE BOLD, Broomsticks and Cauldrons, BYRNE, Cosmos Boutique (Katy Cosmos), Couture Chapeau, Dalrymple Designs, Dark Willow, DINKIEWEAR, Envision Textures, Ever Green, Fire Within, Ghosts & Ghouls Halloween Superstore, GK, Grumble, HJM DESIGNS, Just imagine by Vita, K R E E P, Kittycat’s Creations, LC Fashion (Liss C ), Manikin, MC Community, MG Designs, MMP – Muircastle Motors & Parts, Multifarious, Mystical Dreams Design, No Rush, Peeps Dinkies, Pendragon Designs, Pixel Box design, Pixelancer, Potomac Homes, QUE RICO Design, redangel, Tchelo’s, Technicolor Dolls, Telsiope’s Couture, The Undiscovered Jewel, & TRS Designss.

Set out as a haunted town, this year sees artist studios mixed in with merchants shops, the entire space split into small sebsets of shops and boutiques separated by deep chasms crossed by bridges. Details of participating merchants can additionally be found in the event shopping guide.

Scare Me Silly 2022

Artists participating in the art event comprise:

aquarius27, Blue Blauvelt, Chic Aeon, cutewillow.carlberg, Divine Nature, Eucalyptus Carroll, Hannah Starlight, JackStarr21, Jamee Sandalwood, John Blackwood, Llola Lane, maggiemagenta, Meishagirl Resident, Moora McMillan, Matt Thompson, Mystic Audion, Sheba Blitz, Teresa Firelight, Vita Theas, & Xia Chieng.

Scare Me Silly offers a full schedule of entertainment, with the following still to take place (all times SLT):

  • Monday, October 24, 2022:
    • 16:00 –  Angels & Demons Party with DJ John.
  • Tuesday, October 25, 2022:
    • 17:00 – Live performer Angelikus Deo.
  • Wednesday, October 25, 2022:
    • 16:00 – Live performer Rapid Randy.
  • Thursday, October 26, 2022:
    • 16:00 – Halloween Trivia with DJ John.
  • Friday, October 27, 2022:
    • 16:00 –Live performer TBD.
  • Monday, October 31, 2022:
    • 16:00 –  Halloween Costume Party with DJ John.
    • Hunt ends.

This year the Evil Pumpkin Hunt offers a number of exclusive prizes available from a number of this year’s merchants. The prizes cost L$10, with 100% of proceeds going to Team Diabetes.

Scare Me Silly 2022

About the American Diabetes Association

 Established in 1940, the American Diabetes Association is working to both prevent and cure diabetes in all it forms, and to help improve the lives of all those affected by diabetes. It does this by providing objective and credible information and resources about diabetes to communities, and funding research into ways and means of both managing and curing the illness. In addition, the Association gives voice to those denied their rights as a consequence of being affected by diabetes.

About Team Diabetes of Second life

Team Diabetes of Second Life is an official and authorised fund-raiser for the American Diabetes Association in Second Life. Established with the aim of raising funds in support of diabetes treatment and to raise awareness of the disease in SL, Team Diabetes of Second Life was founded by Jessi2009 Warrhol and John Brianna (Johannes1977 Resident), who serve on the Advisory Board along with Eleseren Brianna, Veruca Tammas, Rob Fenwitch, and Dawnbeam Dreamscape.

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