Cherishville in Autumn in Second Life

Cherishville, October 2022 – click any image for full size

Lam Erin has redressed his Cherishville for the autumn, prompting me to hop over and have a wander before winter edges its way into the the setting.

As with the spring iteration of the region (see: Cherishville’s 2022 Spring in Second Life), the autumn design is decidedly rural in intent, the landscape rich with trees, winding single-track roads and a scattering of buildings. However, rather than carrying the promise of warmer days, sunshine and clear skies, this autumnal Cherishville offers a foreshadowing of colder, harder weather to come.  Caught under a lowering sky from which rain steadily falls, it sits surrounding by mountains painted in snow which seems to be slowly making its way down their rocky faces, ready to creep across the region as winter throws her cold cloak over the land.

Cherishville, October 2022

Also given the time of year, the setting in places seems to hold a sense of ghostly desertion or foreboding about it.  For example, the little arc of houses and shops huddled around the loop of road to the west of the landing point have perhaps seen better days, with the detritus of life in places piled into yards as if forgotten, whilst pigs and geese wander unattended, other than by a Saint Bernard who seems more interested in watching the road than keeping his charges in place – if indeed that is his purpose.

That said, the interiors of the houses offer a complete contrast, being warm and inviting; whilst the pub clearly has a welcome for all. So perhaps its just the lowering weather and the local apothecary which give rise to the odd sense of October menace lying about the land; something falsely added to by the arc of buildings all facing the one direction across the narrow road, as if huddled together in expectation of something rising from the waters of the inlet that sits just beyond the trees and downslope from the road.

Cherishville, October 2022

It is on the stony shore of this inlet that the region’s landing point resides, presenting a pleasant view across the finger of water that belies any reason for the houses above to the so huddled. On the far bank sits an old boat shack somewhat dilapidated in appearance, but still sturdy enough to hold up a large rowing boat on the davits extending from the water side of its aging form.

A smaller cabin sits close by the landing point, this one raised on stilts which suggest the inlet might be tidal in nature. If so, this would explain why the boat raised against the side of the far shack appears to have rocks waiting to receive it should it be lowered, rather than lapping water – at least until the tide returns. Just behind the little stilt cabin a path climbs the slope away from the inlet and up to where the road commences its loop past the little hamlet.

Cherishville, October 2022

Eastward along the meandering road lay and old railway station sat at the end of the single track line. It appears to be oddly cut-off from both hamlet and road, almost as if it wants nothing to do with them, thus bringing forth more thoughts that this might be a place where there is more going on than meets the eye.

This feeling is further added to as the road dips southward, passing a deserted house of some size and with a tall tower that appears to look menacingly down on those passing by. After this, the road hooks its way around old and gnarled trees to reach the grounds of a house suggesting shades of the one that stood above the Bates Motel. However, a glimpse inside will reveal that, unlike the house it resembles, this one isn’t hiding a dark secret – but is a comely family home.

Cherishville, October 2022
There are one or two little niggles within the setting – the humpbacked bridge sitting at the mouth of the inlet looks to have been plonked into place without regard for natural foundations under it, for example, and the tunnel into which the railway track vanished could perhaps do with a darkened backing block to hide the hill slope within it. however, these can mostly be ignored by eye and camera and the rest of the setting appreciated for its ability to offer a rainy autumnal setting with a lot of opportunities or photography.

Cherishville, October 2022

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