A Critter Celebration in Second Life

LeLoo’s World – A Critter Celebration, July 2022

It’s been a year since my last visit to LeLoo’s World, a passage of time that would have naturally made it a destination for a return visit given I have tended to drop in once a year over the last couple of years. However, Shawn Shakespeare showed me a couple of pictures that meant I would have been hopping over as soon as I could.

For the summer of ’22, LeLoo (LeLooUlf) presents a setting she’s called a Critter Celebration, and which brings together wildlife from around the world (and some rather different critters!) in a series of settings carrying environments design to reflect the animals found within them, all linked together by a series of paths and tracks.

LeLoo’s World – A Critter Celebration, July 2022

The entire setting has the look and feel of an animal conservation centre and, needless to say, the opportunities for photography are rich throughout; as is, in theory, the opportunity for a little fun education, as the About Land description notes:

This summer, LeLoo’s World is celebrating the beauty and wonder of nature’s creatures. So put on those walking shoes, set the mindset dial to “happy!” and pick up your copy of the Critter Info HUD for some fun and interesting facts on various animals you will see here. All are welcome to this PG event!
LeLoo’s World – A Critter Celebration, July 2022

The HUD is offered (a little persistently!) on a visitor’s arrival at the landing point. The latter is laid out as something of a small commercial hub such as might be found at the entrance at a conservation park. The HUD, as per the setting’s description, is designed to offer up facts about the animals that can be found within the setting – although I’ll admit for some reason it didn’t want to work for either myself or my Alt.

Directly in front of the landing point is a path marked by a green arrow pointing the way under a rocky arch. However, before taking that, there are stepping stones winding off to the right, passing behind the market stalls that should be followed, lest it otherwise be missed. It offers the way to a little touch of North America, where brown bears, grizzlies and deer are enjoying the rocks and water as eagles circle overhead. Benches and chairs here offer seating for those wishing to stay awhile.

LeLoo’s World – A Critter Celebration, July 2022

Through the rocky arch is a further expression of North America, this a more wooded environment that is home to more bears and deer, together with foxes, raccoons and opossum Beyond this is a fun area for dog lovers; a place where cuddly little critters can also be found, tucked into their own corner and enjoying one another’s company.

From here visitors pass into Africa, and the Serengeti, a place where giraffe, elephants and zebra roam, and hippos and crocs cool themselves in the water. Visitors can rest up here at a safari camp, and it is worth taking your time to mouse-over some of the animals. Doing so will reveal poses with some of them for photography; a trend continues as the path passes on through to the jungles of India, watched over by tigers and where African elephants substitute for SL’s lack of Asian elephants.

LeLoo’s World – A Critter Celebration, July 2022

Onwards, visitors enter the world of the Far East, with SL’s traditional merging of China and Japan: a rich bamboo forest where panda can be found in family groups and beyond which can be found a house with more of a Japanese look and feel, a place where water and Zen gardens are mixed to present a haven for birds and not a few (Norwegian?) forest cats.

Covering half a region and located up in the air to limit the impact of thing like the water plane interfering with viewer performance, with  – as noted – multiple opportunities for photography – A Critter Celebration at LeLoo’s World is a fun, easy-going visit that is highly enjoyable environment in which to spend time.

LeLoo’s World – A Critter Celebration, July 2022

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