2022 Sci-Fi Con in Second Life

via the RFL Sci-Fi Con 2022

The 2022 Second Life Sci-Fi Con departed spacedock on Wednesday, May 18th, 2022, and will remain in orbit through until Sunday, May 29th, 2022 in aid of The American Cancer Society.

Now in its 14th year, the Sci-Fi Con is taking place across 9 regions (including the main hub, and carries the theme of Brave New Future.

The Sci-Fi Con is … the largest gathering of science fiction fans, role-players, creators, merchants, and entertainers in Second Life! The Con covers sci-fi and all its sub-genres like horror, steampunk, post-apocalypse, cyberpunk, superheroes, and even a little fantasy thrown in for good measure. We all come together in peaceful unity to celebrate the things we love, the possibilities of the future, and most importantly, to support the American Cancer Society’s Relay for Life of Second Life’s quest to achieve a world without cancer.

– from the Sci-Fi Con’s website

2022 RFL Sci-Fi Con: Main Hub

For this year, each of the eight shopping regions for the convention carries its own theme (the Hub region also feature the main event stage):

All of the regions can be reached via the teleport kiosks at the main hub, or by walking between them, with most following a broadly similar layout with their landing point / info area towards the centre, and the merchant and group stores set out around it within an environment intended to reflect the region theme.

The best place to find out about planned events running throughout the convention – DJ sessions, movies, quizzes and more – is via the Event Calendar (all times SLT).

2022 RFL Sci-Fi Con (“There’s no place, I can be / Since I’ve found Serenity. / And you can’t take the sky from me.”)

This year’s convention includes the Stargate Hunt: stargates are hidden in plain sight throughout the convention regions. Touching them when found will give you a number. Get all six numbers, and use them to dial a secret gate address at the main stargate dial home device (DHD) to travel to a secret location where you can claim your prize.

Those who wish can also purchase convention T-shirts both in-world at the convention, and out-world as well, or pick up a convention bag.

So, prepare your away team / landing party, set phasers on fun and head over to the Sci-Fi Convention.

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2 thoughts on “2022 Sci-Fi Con in Second Life

  1. I went to the Con last night (5-18-22) and while it was interesting, it was also laggy and some sales offerings were still “waiting gray” after five minutes, and the numbers weren’t that high for a first night.
    The builds were great after they rezzed and while some of them were a bit sparse, others were almost overfull of visibles and art, all in a Sci-Fi flavor. Interestingly, the “Super Heroes” that used to grace the fantasy Cons are now resident in the Sci-Fi con (good idea, given the nature of most heroic types).
    What was a bit off-putting was the near total lack of things for male avatars, as in outfits, individual pieces, or even basic “simulation appropriate” stuff, while there was a near overflow of things for female avatars…and this is something I’ve seen in other Cons as well. Some of the female outfits would make a horse blush and would be utterly unwearable in real life…and that bothers me. Yes, female avatars* are more likely to buy things, but the near total discounting of male avatar wear can be a threat to these Cons – I know I buy things at Cons to try on and see how they work with my avatar and avatar’s legend, but really, one sim with NO male clothing offerings at all? That is going a bit too far in this fox’s opinion.
    All in all, while the general sense of the Con was good, the extreme lag in all aspects and the weird gynaeocentric focus on things may wind up hurting the whole Convention concept. And that would be bad, very bad, given that these Cons contribute to Cancer treatment and prevention.
    *Yah, female avatars which may not be female on the other side of the monitor, but face it, who you are on the Grid is who you are in Second Life. Found that out in the third voice sim, the hard way…


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