Spring 2022 at Le Monde Perdu in Second Life

Luane’s World, May 2022 – click any image for full size

There are a number of places to which I enjoy making repeat visits as each year unfolds. One of these is Luane’s World, and within it, Le Monde Perdu (The Lost World), the public Full region by LuaneMeo and Gorba McMahon, which at the time of my May 2022 visit, was dressed for spring.

I’ve visited the region a number of times over the years, and have always enjoyed my time there. For Spring 2022, the design offers a setting that mixes an outer swirl of land with beaches on two of its seaward sides, which encompasses a central island sitting within waters that can reach more open waters through two narrow channels.

Luane’s World, May 2022

On my arrival, I couldn’t help but be reminded of the Summer 2021 design for the region, thanks to the open nature of the landscaping, the presence of the beaches and the northern view out over water to the private residences that form part of the overall estate. There’s a sense of continuity between the two, despite this being very different in look and content – something I always enjoy when visiting an evolving region, as it gives its designs a sense of history.

The landing point includes horse and bicycle rezzers for those who fancy a ride, and teleport signs to reach the estate’s rental office, Luane’s store and the region’s second public space, Luane’s Magical World, located high overhead. I’ll also point out here that as well as the bicycles and horses, there is a little motor boat on the region’s inner waters that can be used to putter around the channels and out into the northern waters.

Luane’s World, May 2022

There are two bridges relatively close to the landing point. To the east, a small humpbacked bridge spans one of the two channels leading out from the the heart of the region, providing access to a meadow where horses graze. To the south, the second bridge reaches over the water to the central island with its more formal garden and gazebo retreat (and a further bridge that reaches the far side of the outer curl of land.

As well as this gazebo, there are several other structures scattered across the region. These take the form of a little café offering a view across the the island as it sits with its back to the landing point, a little shrine sitting in the shade of giant oaks, an old fort sitting up on a hill, another gazebo just down below it and ruins close by, the remains of an old church (the TLG Chapel Ruins that are a personal favourite) that occupies another hill across the region from the fort, and a pavilion where more refreshments might be had.

Luane’s World, May 2022

The paths around and through the region are grassy for the most part, natural flower-lined avenues ideal for walking or horse riding (although there are some using stepping stones or marked by trimmed logs. Given this is Luane’s World, there are multiple places to sit and pass the time. These can be found everywhere: on the beaches, in and on the roof of the fort, along the routes of the grassy paths, on and over the waters – and even in the air, courtesy of the region’s hot air balloon.

And, obviously, there are multiple opportunities for photography, whilst touches of art in the form of statues can also be found as you explore.

Luane’s World, May 2022

Luane’s World has always been a place in which wandering and losing oneself comes easy thanks to its rich, natural beauty and matching soundscapes. With this Spring 2022 rendition, this is all very much still true; whilst up in the sky, Luane’s Magical World retains its sense of winter fantasy for those who already miss snow-heavy scenes (and which I’ll likely visit later in 2022!).

So why not hop over and see for yourself?

Luane’s World, May 2022

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