Coming Soon: SL e-mail notifications when signing-in from a new device

Linden Lab has announce the coming introduction of a new account security mechanism: receipt of an e-mail notification when your account is being accessed from a previously unknown (aka “new” to the SL services) device.

Receipt of such e-mail notifications is something of a common standard for many platforms and on-line services, helping to provide an additional layer of protection against unauthorised attempts to access and use an account.

No actual date as to when this service will be going live is provided, but the Lab note that as it is rolled out, it is more important than ever that users make sure they have verified the e-mail address they use in association with their Second Life account.

The official blog post on the matter reads in part:

We are going to be introducing an additional way for you to keep your account safe! When we detect that your viewer is being accessed from a new device, we’ll send you an email that looks like this:
          SUBJECT: Important: [FIRSTNAME LASTNAME] used from a new machine to access Second Life.
          Your Second Life account has been accessed from a new machine. If you recently logged in to Second Life from a new device you may ignore this mail.
               Account: [FIRSTNAME LASTNAME]
               Time: [TIME IN SLT, example 2022-02-11 09:09.00 SLT]
               Originating IP Address: [IP ADDRESS OF NEW COMPUTER]
          If this was you, you don’t need to do anything. If not, we will help you secure your account: What To Do If Your Account Has Been Compromised.

This is a further measure in providing Second Life users with better account security; as a separate measure and in September 2021 Linden Lab implemented the first phase of multi-factor authentication, offered to users on an opt-in basis. This will soon be extended to include the viewer (see: 2022 CCUG and TPVD meetings week #5 summary and 2022 CCUG and TPVD meetings week #7 summary) – with further enhancements to the capability also being planned.

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2 thoughts on “Coming Soon: SL e-mail notifications when signing-in from a new device

  1. Just wot I needed. Another useless mail in my inbox, telling me I logged in from a new machine. :/ Thx guys, I know, still kinda busy finetuning my viewer. Wot is it you want from me? Stop wasting my time!!!
    Aren’t all the Gøögle notifications bad enuff already? And now LL, too?


    1. lol. Given all the demands we make for LL to protect our pseudonymity, seeing them add a common layer of trust checking (which we can easily ignore when we know that we’ve the one causing the flag to be raised) hardly strikes me as something to get all foot-stompy about 😉 .


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