CK’s Owls at Eulennest in Second Life

Eulennest: Owls by CK Ballyhoo

It’s been several months since my last visit to Eulennest Restaurant-Gallery in Second Life. However, I was drawn back following an invitation from Owl Dragonash – who is helping in matter of promoting the gallery – to pay a visit to the current exhibition, which opened earlier in January 2022.

Entitled Owls, the exhibition features a set of pictures by CK Ballyhoo, all with a common theme, as she explains:

I love owls. I love how they are inspirational to so many people and have significance in many different cultures. How they are creatures of wisdom, vigilance, fortune and also death.
Inspired by the offer of doing an exposition at Eulennest (Owls Nest in German), the theme of Owls was not a large jump to make. I’ve had a few owl pictures, taken at sims in the past, in my inventory for a long time and also objects of owls made by several people in SL. Also, my first try of making animated pictures is that of an owl flying past the Moon.

– CK Ballyhoo on Owls

Eulennest: Owls by CK Ballyhoo

Using images taken from around Second Life – either those where owls were present or where CK could rez her own – these are images that have undergone processing to give the appearance of having been painted, adding to their personal nature. Supporting the images are a series of sculptures and models of owls – some of which are featured in the images – adding to the tone of the theme of the exhibition.

While small in number (Eulennest is a small exhibition space that makes for an easy visit, with much to commend to the eye in the region around it, as I’ve previously noted), the paints included in Owls still makes for an easy, engaging visit.

Eulennest: Owls by CK Ballyhoo

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